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The fastest video and audio translator online. Translating your content in the blink of an eye.

Disney is using Nova for video recognition
DPG media uses nova for image and audio recognition
NBCUniversal is using nova for video annotation
Nordic Entertainment is using nova for video logging
Nova is using Nova for celebrity recognition
NPO is using nova for video cloud storage
svt is using nova for automatic transcriptions

Translating video and audio with Nova A.I. made simple.

Make your videos accessible and deliver your message across the globe by automatically translating them online.

create automatic trailers and ads with nova


Upload the video you want to translate.

automatically add subtitles to your podcasts


Nova will automatically translate the video along with analysis.



Download translated .txt files for further use or add translated subtitles and share your videos online.

nova can recognize and distinguish human speech within your video or audio

The translator is powered by A.I.

All the translations are performed by our intelligent A.I. engine.

Nova A.I. understands over 40 different languages and counting.

Nova A.I. features 97% accuracy in translating your videos.

Nova A.I. translates your content automatically.


On-screen video & audio translator

The on-screen translated text can easily be accessed and edited if needed.

Translations can be turned into subtitles for your video or exported for any further use as a .txt or .srt file.

A simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate the text and find the right sentences quickly.

Nova automatically translates 40 different languages

How to translate your content?

Upload your audio or video content.

Click on the subtitles panel, select the translate button on the top of video dashboard.

Select your language and hop back to the subtitling panel.

The text will be translated instantly.

Transcribe your video now!

Enhance your video automatically with accurate A.I. transcriptions.



Auto transcribe your video for content repurposing strategies.



Auto translate your content into any language you prefer.


Add subtitles

Automatically add translated subtitles to your video.


Reach Audiences

Take your content to a global scale. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Nova

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Video / audio translator translates your video or audio automatically into any preferred language. So you don’t need to hire expensive human translation services. 

If you want to reach audiences in other countries you should consider adding that countries language to your content. Even though english is a global language, some people are still in learning phase so translations will help  them to better understand your content.

You can download translated text as .txt or .srt file and you can embed the translated subtitles directly to your video.

The transcoding step will take the longest 1hour video takes up to 15minutes to transcode. And then it’s done, when you choose your language, the text will then be translated automatically.

Nova A.I. translates audio and video faster than any human service or any other application available online. If you want to get a cost-efficient and painless translation service Nova A.I. is the best tool to do so!

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