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Securely store, manage and share your video assets. Build a safe video library with Nova A.I. content management system.

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Secure video hosting

With our online video content management system, hosting, managing and sharing your videos has never been more simple. Nova A.I. allows you to upload and store all of your videos in one place and easily share them with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances by sending a link that can be viewed directly from their browser. You can also embed your videos into emails and website pages, share them on social media directly from the platform.

Whether you’re using our video hosting for personal or professional purposes, you can create folders to organize your video content and set the privacy settings to ‘public’ or ‘private’, giving you complete control over who can access your content. Forget the pain of spending ages trying to send large video files via email or messenger. Use Nova A.I. to build your very own video content library, completely online, so you can use your own storage for other purposes. Nova A.I. – managing video content libraries have never been more simple!

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Upload your video content

Upload your video files to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

Create video folder library

Organise your folders

Create folders, manage, share and more. Enjoy easy access anytime anywhere using any device or machine.


Share your videos easily via email or social media. Copy the link for any other purpose.

Why is it a good idea to build your own online video library?

Building a video library online is important for several reasons. It allows you to organize and store your videos in one centralized location, making your video assets accessible. This is highly beneficial for content creators that like to collaborate on projects, share projects for feedback and look for privacy. It also saves time and resources because hosting and sharing your videos is so much simpler. You don’t need to have 100s of external hard drives, and don’t need to send your files via apps that often reduce the quality. It’s also safe from pirates, hardware failures and other issues. A well-organized and curated video library can help you showcase your skills, expertise, and unique voice, helping you stand out in a crowded online landscape.

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You may have many projects, some are collaborative and some you might need to send to your client to review. Constantly saving your videos just to show them to your colleague or boss takes a tremendous amount of time… Jeez, the time it takes to render a video, “come on, man”… With Nova A.I., you don’t need to export your video just so you can share it with whomever you need to share it with. Using our smart video content management system, send your videos to whomever you want with just a click of a button. People will line up to collab with you because Nova A.I. makes it so simple.

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Safe and ad free experience.

Your videos are stored in our secure cloud. Decide who can access your videos, set them to private if you have to, or keep them open to the public in case you seek fame. All of this is completely online, providing you a safety net against machine faults, hardware errors, viruses, online pirates and more. Sharing and embedding your videos is also a simple experience. Only people that have access and websites that have a unique link can view videos from your library. P.S. Did we mention that all this goodness is ad free? Whoever your audience is, they can forget those annoying YouTube ads. Nova A.I. is just not that type of machine…

Not just a regular video cms

Nova A.I. is not just a content management system. It offers a wide range of video editing tools that allow you to cut, trim, merge, and split your videos. You can also add transitions, stickers, text, images, subtitles and more to create stunning videos for marketing, sales, business, social media, or any other purpose.

If you seek for an advanced video content management system, Nova A.I. also offers an intelligent storage system completely powered by AI. Our system analyzes your videos, labels and categorizes every single moment and detail within your video, allowing you to access them instantly. A one-of-a-kind tech cocktail of boolean search technology combined with computer video search engine building you a video content library that even large production studios could be jealous of.

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Simple Yet Powerful Online Video Content Storage

Do not hesitate and start using Nova A.I. now – save time.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

It’s a system that allows you to store, organise and share your video content. Having a centralised video storage capability you will be able to share or manage your library from any device, machine and place. Just share the link – it’s that simple.

Video hosting allows you to distribute video content online. Similarly, like on YouTube, you upload your video to Nova A.I. and can embed the videos to your emails, website pages and other desired places. This way, you don’t need to share the original video file, you can just use a link and and everyone can watch your video directly from the browser. 

When on the platform, make sure you are on the ‘home’ panel. Click the ‘new folder’ icon and start creating your folders. Organise in any manner it seems comfortable for you and start sharing.

Besides that Nova A.I. renders your videos like lightning, it also offers an ad-free video streaming experience to everyone watching your videos. With Nova A.I., you can also edit your videos, add subtitles, and translate your videos using a super simple-to-use interface.

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