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Cloud-based platform for real-time video editing, collaboration, sharing, and feedback management.

organise your videos online

Video collaboration online

Dive into a platform where creators converge, ideas meld, and feedback flows seamlessly. From first cut to final approval, we’re reshaping the way you produce, review, and perfect your media. Join thousands of video editors, and collaborate with colleagues and acquaintances. 

With our platform, every frame can be reviewed and discussed without the need for endless email threads. Instead, imagine an intuitive space where creators, directors, and stakeholders unite under a singular vision. A canvas where your storyboards morph into masterpieces and your visions become vivid visuals. Use Nova A.I. to intelligently share your projects online. Video production is an art form that is best when shared, and with us, collaboration becomes part of the masterpiece. 

Open your workspace

Open Nova A.I. creative studio.

Create video folder library

Organise your folders

Click on invite collaborators button and insert an email.


Tell your partner to check his email account and confirm the invitation.

Watch how to 'add a collaborator to your video workspace' tutorial

Learn how to use Nova A.I. and invite video collaborators to your video workspace the easy way. A quick one-minute video is all you need.

Watch how to 'remove a collaborator from your video workspace' tutorial

Learn how to use Nova A.I. and invite video collaborators to your video workspace the easy way. A quick one-minute video is all you need.

Why is it a good idea to collaborate with video editors online?

In this digital age, an online platform offers spaces that eliminate geographical barriers and leverage real-time video review tools, seamlessly transforming complicated workflows into super convenient shared workspaces that are extremely easy to navigate and control. Such platforms make collaboration feel light and natural regardless of distance, enhancing the artistic process.

select stock footage

Collaborate with other editors

As your projects evolve and flow, stay in sync with other editors. Whether you’re oceans apart or sharing a desk, our platform bridges the gap, making collaboration feel like a chat over a coffee. Video production is an art, and with us, collaboration becomes easier than ever. By co-creating online, you not only harness modern tools designed for today’s media world but also foster a dynamic environment for producing masterpieces. Let’s redefine what it means to co-create.

Review the videos and leave comments

Our platform transforms the review process, allowing creators and partners to converge seamlessly. With real-time edits and frame-specific feedback, reviewing and commenting on videos has never been simpler. Whether refining a storyboard or finalizing amendments, let your collaborators engage, ensuring their voice is heard. Collaborate, co-create, and comment with precision. Elevate your video projects by making every frame and every feedback count.
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A Simple Online Video Review & Collaboration Software

Improve the way you work with video, use Nova A.I. now to save time.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

A video collaboration tool streamlines the creative process, uniting creators for real-time editing, feedback, and seamless communication from brainstorm to final cut.

Video collaboration tool is designed for streamlined communication, real-time edits, pinpointed feedback, and seamless team synergy, redefining co-creation in the modern media landscape.

No, our platform is designed for effortless team integration, making inviting collaborators a breeze. Simply input your collaborator’s email address and Nova A.I. will send an invite to their inbox.

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