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A quick guide on how to effectively embed your videos in your email content.

The medium of video is tremendously potent. It’s a smart idea to include an interactive video in emails. Video marketing resembles a superpower. It is the ideal avenue for brand marketing, just like an email. Compared to almost all other marketing channels, email receives more interaction.

It’s trickier than you would think to embed videos in emails. You cannot embed videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook, and others directly into your email, unlike a website. As an alternative, you must be able to code your email in HTML, and there are several client-specific workarounds.

No worries, there are ways that you can learn to embed video into your emails. Whenever you use a video tactic, make sure you deliver it to a high-quality list of subscribers who have chosen to receive your emails.

1. Provide Context For Your Video

Of course, every video marketing helps you to share and explain your brand to your potential customer. It’s crucial to take the context of each video you produce. To complete this stage, you must make a video with detailed information on what it is about, why you gave it to the recipient, and what you want them to do after watching.

Moreover, you can also use video marketing tools to help you produce high-quality and engaging videos to be embedded in your email campaign. This gives the email recipients more information and motivates them to watch the video you worked so hard to include. To ensure that your emails don’t land in your recipient’s spam, use email verification tools to confirm their email addresses.

2. Create An Impactful Thumbnail Image

The creation of a thumbnail for your video is a further important step that you must take. Email recipients can play your video by clicking the thumbnail that serves as a play button. The simplest approach to link to video material on your website or YouTube is by placing a play button on top of a static image.

All email clients are compatible with this. Everyone will experience things the same way as long as visuals are not obstructed. To draw attention and encourage subscribers to click through and watch your video, though, you may also place an animated GIF on the play button.

3. Add Text To Your Video

Even though the power of your thumbnail and the appeal of a video is considerable, you will receive more views if you include a brief sentence that urges viewers to watch your video.

Additionally, include a few phrases in your email explaining why recipients should watch your video and a call-to-action (CTA) encouraging them to do so. Inform your audience how watching your video will help them accomplish their objectives. Let them know exactly what to do after watching your video. But even so, keep the text concise.

By including text or a caption, you can encourage viewers to watch your video. It’s a fantastic approach to be inclusive and ensure that any readers who might be hard of hearing can access your content.

4. Keep It Short

Most consumers read emails for no more than 10 seconds. Thus, it’s important to assume that they won’t watch the video for very long. It would be best to keep your video no longer than 60 seconds.

Making your video shorter also enhances the likelihood that your viewers will watch it through to the finish and respond to your call to action (CTA). Moreover, embedding shorter videos also has high open rates in email. Try not to attempt to embed a complete feature film in your email.

5. Disable Sound Autoplay

It’s ideal to give the option to switch on the sound rather than the other way around, even if your video has an amazing soundtrack or a hilarious opening line.

By doing this, you can prevent accidentally blasting audio out of your viewers’ speakers once they click through and start the video or frightening them with excessively loud audio.

6. Grab URL For Your Video

Before proceeding, you have to get the URL of the video, whether it’s from google photos or a hosting service like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The URL you create will later be included in your email campaign as a strong appeal for recipients to open the email and read the content we send.

There are two ways, and the first is to create a link from Google Photos:

  • You can hit the upload button
  • Select Computer or Google Drive and upload the video you want to link to
  • Play the video, and click the Share button in the top right corner.
  • Select Generate link, then click Copy to get the video link.

Then the second way is through a hosting service like a YouTube channel:

  • First, you must signup/sign in to your video hosting service account.
  • Upload your videos to a video hosting service, and make sure you create catchy captions and eye-catching title tags.
  • Once uploaded, you can copy the video link from your hosting service.

This method can help you embed videos into your email marketing. In addition, it is also easier for your recipients to receive information from you quickly and effectively.

7. Make It Mobile-Friendly

In addition to trimming down the size of your email, be sure to think about the entire process and optimize your video for mobile viewers when they click through.

Aspect ratio, font size and color, saturation, brightness, and other factors should all be taken into account to ensure that your video looks excellent, whether it is being viewed on a computer or a mobile device.

Apart from that, it will also provide a good experience for your recipients when opening the video in the email you sent. The fact is, the display will influence the audience’s interest in reading the email to the end.

This is also similar to the content on the website. The company website must also be managed so that it is mobile-friendly. The appearance does not only affect the comfort of the audience in reading. But it also affects the ease and speed of finding the purchase button.

8. Send A Test Email

Thankfully, this process is not too complicated. Simply check your link’s functionality by sending yourself a test email. It’s the absolute last thing you want to do to use your customers as your quality control team.

Testing your video’s effectiveness from the recipients’ perspective is crucial, just like with everything else you do in your email marketing campaigns. Make as many tests as possible to ensure your blockbuster video email will play before sending it.

Wrapping Up

It’s not only a gimmick to incorporate video in emails. It’s quickly emerging as a crucial component of effective email marketing efforts. It may also be a fun and appealing way to interact with your audience. Beyond increasing engagement, including videos in your email marketing can have a lot of advantages.

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