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Add Video Transitions

Add cool transitions between your video clips in the blink of an eye, and transform your video into a stunning piece of art.

Video transition generator

Have you grown tired of your videos looking unprofessional? Does the transition from one clip to other makes you twitch? Worry not, Nova A.I. has got you covered. Merge your clips together using cool video transitions with just a single click of a button.

Adding transition effects between your clips has never been more simple. Simply just upload your video, navigate to the transitions panel and select your effect, drag and drop it between your clips and it’s done. Mix different effects and experiment until you create the right mood for your jaw-dropping video.

Nova A.I. – feel the force of modern content creation methods.

How to add transitions to video, online?

Looking for a video editor with transitions? You have come to the right place. NOVA A.I. has the best video transitions available, and with just a few clicks you can make them part of your videos.

Upload your videos

To add transitions to your videos first go to the video editing dashboard and click “Create Project”. Upload your video from your computer or directly from YouTube or Instagram by copy-pasting the video URL. To upload more video clips to your project just go to the media panel and upload your files.

Pick your transition

Cut, trim and merge your video clips on the timeline to prepare them for the transitions if needed. Go to the transition panel and simply pick the video transition effects you want and drag and drop them between your videos.

Download & Share

When you are happy with the flow of your video click “Export” and you are ready to share!

Make your transitions smooth.

Video transitions play a crucial role in maintaining smooth continuity between shots, effectively preventing the occurrence of abrupt cuts or jarring transitions that have the potential to disrupt the overall viewing experience for the audience. With Nova A.I. you can finally avoid making your audience twitchy. Through the artful technique of blending one shot into the next, NOVA A.I.’s transitions can help you create videos that exude a sense of naturalness and effortlessness. Create scene shifts that make sense, merge your clips effortlessly, avoid edgy cuts and progress your videos smoothly, all done online, with Nova A.I.’s video transition generator.

Add a professional look to your videos

Video transitions contribute significantly to the professional presentation of your videos. By incorporating carefully selected transitions, you can infuse your videos with an elevated level of visual appeal and allure. As viewers are drawn into the beautiful flow of transitions between scenes or segments, they are more likely to remain engaged and invested in the content. In essence, video transitions not only enhance the professional quality of your videos but also contribute to their effectiveness in capturing and retaining the attention of your audience. With Nova A.I. you don’t have to be professional to add professional-looking video transitions.

Be creative

Unfold your creativity and incorporate eye-catching video transition effects in your videos. Standing out from the crowd is one of the key aspects of a successful video editing strategy. NOVA A.I. offers a plethora of possibilities to achieve this goal. Gain access to many pre-set transitions meticulously crafted to captivate and resonate with your audience. From zoom in video transition to fade to black transition, wipe transition, slide transition and even implementing circle crops, among many others. With Nova A.I. you can make sure you remain etched in the memory of your viewers.

More than just a video transition generator.

Nova A.I. is not just an average video transition generator. Creative Studio is designed to simplify video editing for all. You can cut, trim, crop and resize. You can add text, subtitles, captions and more. Nova A.I. also employs various Artificial Intelligence technologies for more advanced editors. You can use our search engine/video analyzer to quickly create searchable video libraries and make any moment in your archive accessible instantly.

Why is it a good idea to add transitions to video using Nova A.I.?

Learning professional video editing software can be a daunting and time-consuming endeavour. Mastering its intricacies often requires years of dedicated practice and learning. That's why we've developed an online, top-of-the-line solution to address all your video editing needs, including the smooth integration of gradual transitions into your videos.

The most simple way to add transitions

Choose between Nova’s palette of beautiful and artistic scene transitions. Fade video clips with the black-and-white fade effect, wipe or slide up, down, left, or right, and use the creative crop, squeeze, or zooming transitions. With Nova A.I., you don’t run out of options!

A variety of transitions

Choose between Nova’s palette of beautiful and artistic scene transitions. Fade video clips with the black-and-white fade effect, wipe or slide up, down, left, or right, and use the creative crop, squeeze, or zooming transitions. With Nova A.I., you don’t run out of options!

Cut away unwanted parts

Don’t worry if parts of your recording aren’t great! With Nova A.I., you can easily cut out parts, replace them, and add transitions between your clips to make your video come together beautifully.

No software download needed

You won’t have to download heavy software to your computer or do regular updates. Nova A.I. is completely browser-based with cloud storage, and updates are done automatically.

Drag-and-drop interface

Intuitive controls for quick learning and execution. Forget hours spent watching endless tutorial videos on YouTube.

Personalize with ease

Instantly apply your brand's logo and watermarks. Customize your videos with thumbnails and more, effortlessly enhancing your digital footprint.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQ's our contact our sales team.

What is the best video editing for transitions?

If you are not a seasoned video editor by profession, NOVA A.I. is the best and most intuitive transition video editor.

Is it difficult to add transitions to a video?

With NOVA A.I. it is super simple to add transitions to videos and you can add transitions right away without previous video editing experience.

How do you add transitions to a video?

Follow these few simple steps to add transitions to your video with NOVA A.I. 1. Click “Create Project” and upload your video clips to NOVA A.I.’s creative studio. 2. Cut, trim and organize your videos in the right order. (make sure the video edges are touching each other on the timeline.) 3. As soon as your video clips touch, you will notice a small transition icon between them. Click on that icon. 4. Pick your transition. 5. You’re done. With Nova A.I. - It's very simple and intuitive way to add transitions to your video.

What type of transition effects for videos can I add with NOVA A.I.?

With NOVA A.I. you can add various transition effects for videos, such as: 1. Fadeblack 2. Fadewhite 3. Wipeleft 4. Wiperight 5. Wipeup 6. Wipedown 7. Rectcrop 8. Circlecrop 9. Dissolve 10. Pixelize 11. Fadegreys 12. Squeezein 13. Zoomout

What is a video transition?

A video transition is a technique to smoothly move from one scene or clip to another. It involves blending or transitioning between two video clips in a way that creates a seamless flow from one to the next. Adding transitions makes the cut between merged scenes more natural.


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Upgraded to Tier #3

Love this platform for captioning videos. Replaces Spoke and ChopCast for me. I would like to see a "search and replace" feature for changing caption text spelling as it phonetically picks the sound of a word but sometimes brings up poor spelling.

A global "search and replace" change would speed up the software and make your captions sparkle even for more complex topics.

I'm doing a voice translation of the bible and many of the names are spelled differently etc.

Still, this application does handle a need I have been looking for and I'm very glad I got in on a lifetime plan. Looking forward to a long future with NOVA AI.

This is truly the fastest way to create stunning videos.

@AhayahAssemblyChurch - app sumo review

What I was looking for for a long time!I missed the Happyscribe deal, so I used it by paying for some videos. When I saw that NovaAI offered the same thing, but better, I didn't hesitate for a second.

I love the ease of importing a video, and the generation of subtitles.

Being French, I had very little correction to do. In one click, my subtitles were translated into English, et voilà!

Not much to criticize: maybe the delay of the operations is a bit long, but it remains anecdotal.

Thank you for this deal, it will help me a lot!

@AlexSpirit - app sumo review

I uploaded a clear, English speaking video clip, and the subtitles were spot-on, with minor corrections needed.

Then I translated the English subtitles to Chinese, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it isn't just a literal word-by-word translation, but with correct sentence composition, since

Chinese structure is very different from English. The only glitch I found is that the Traditional Chinese translation is actually in Simplified Chinese. It's identical to the Simplified Chinese translation. I am sure it's an oversight and an easy fix for the developer.

The transcribing and translating of subtitles alone will save me so much time. I just need to upload the video and let Nova A.I. work in the cloud, while I move on to do other things. If you need subtitles, this is your tool!

@kingsley - app sumo review

After years of having I have now replaced with - and I have not regarded.

This is truly the fastest way to create stunning videos.Problem: Creating quality video content can be a time-consuming, expensive process and often requires a lot of video editing skill.

Agitate: From shooting and editing to marketing and distribution, there are a lot of different steps involved in making your video content stand out.

Solution: provides you with everything you need to create high-quality videos that are easy to publish and share.

Make an impact on your audience and stand out.

My recommendation totally recommendation 5 Tacos and unlimited of bonus tacos.It's truly- simple, innovative, suitable, secure and Intelligent.

Get the deal before it closes!

@Adam2000 - app sumo review

I am sure many like me are wondering, I dont need another video tool. Thats what i thought too but could not resist taking it for a ride and i can say that its my all time favorite.

All the basic tools needed for video editing is there and it works like a charm, something like a desktop type smoothness. But that not that only its got tons of features and a solid AI working behind the scene like elevating your video cataloguing to another level and that too without you doing anything, all AI driven.

I mean thats wooow.....especially at this price point. And it transcribes and translates.....well, what can it not do. solid 5 tacos.for us UI UX and ease of use are most important, nova scores 10/10 in that.

We were using other online video tools but gradually they seems slow down on loading and rendering, hope nova will learn from those experiences and will make sure flowless fast result generation.

@Uni - app sumo review

For me, one of the most tedious tasks in video production (in a one-man-operation) is adding subtitles.

I have been unsuccessfully searching for a tool that can help me achieve this task with the least amount of headache while still achieving great accuracy - and I'm happy to say that with out a doubt, Nova AI has taken this headache away.

I think a lot more work is still needed for this tool to reach it's full potential, which to be fair, are just extra bells and whistles but important non the less; right now, the editor still looks a little too basic.

That being said, I don't really see this as an issue, because for my needs, this app has already met my expectations. So please, regardless of the extra features the devs are looking to implement, don't mess around too much with the excellent the auto subtitle generator.

@paulrocio - app sumo review

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