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Overdub - Realistic AI Video Dubbing

Use AI to overdub videos in over 150 languages - perfect for global reach and audience engagement.

Advanced Overdub Online

Unlock the power of global communication with our cutting-edge AI overdub tool. Our technology meticulously preserves the essence of the original voices, ensuring a natural and authentic listening experience and enabling your message to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Starting is a breeze - simply upload your video, choose your desired language, and watch as our AI works its magic. It meticulously analyzes, translates, and synthesizes your content, keeping the original voice's tone and style intact. The result? A globally engaging video, true to your original creation.

Whether expanding your reach with translated content, making educational resources universally accessible, or localizing entertainment for new markets, our overdub generator is your bridge to a connected world. Businesses can effortlessly craft multilingual promotional or training videos, making every word count in a diverse market landscape.

How to overdub your videos online using Nova A.I.?

Overdub your videos with unparalleled ease directly online. Transform your narratives effortlessly where creativity meets convenience - our platform simplifies video editing, removing the barriers of traditional, cumbersome software.

Upload your video content

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

Select your language

Select your language, sit back and let our AI do it's thing.

Download & Share

When done, make edits if needed and export. Share it with your audience.

Improve your video comprehension

Improve the way your audience understands your videos across borders using our AI Video Dubbing feature. Forget the struggles of unclear dialogue and foreign word salads that don't make any sense. Our cutting-edge solution seamlessly blends foreign languages with your content, offering crystal-clear dubbing. Enhance your video accessibility, engagement, and comprehension, ensuring your message is heard and fully understood. Say goodbye to misinterpretations and hello to a world of clarity.

Preserve the original speakers tongue

Expand your global reach without compromising the essence of your original message. With our AI-powered overdub, you can preserve the authenticity of the speaker's original tone, accent, and emotion, ensuring your content resonates just as powerfully across borders. No more awkward dubbing or lost nuances. Our sophisticated AI seamlessly adapts your videos, making every word count in any language, elevating your content's impact, and maintaining the heart and soul of your message.

Remain consistent with your brands message

We all understand the true importance of branding, where coherence is key. The challenge? Ensuring your message hits the same emotional and tonal sweet spot, regardless of language barriers. Traditional dubbing methods often need to catch up with discrepancies in performance and linguistic nuances. Solution: AI Video Dubbing - maintain unwavering brand consistency. Our technology seamlessly adapts your message across any language, preserving the original tone, emotion, and intent, ensuring your brand's voice remains unified worldwide.

Cost effective speed and scalability

Experience unprecedented efficiency and scalability with our solution. Forget the traditional hurdles of costly voice actors and studio rentals. Our cutting-edge technology empowers you to effortlessly produce top-tier, multilingual dubs, sidestepping the hefty expenses and logistical nightmares. Dive into the future where speed meets quality and broaden your horizons. Embrace the power to charm multilingual audiences, ensuring your content's simultaneous release across borders has never been smoother or more cost-effective.

Enjoy Multiverse of languages

Seamlessly translate and dub your videos into over 100 languages and dialects, achieving up to 96% accuracy. Instant multilingual voice translation broadens your global reach, making your content universally understood. Dive into a world where language is no barrier!

Armenian (Armenia)
Chinese (Cantonese, Simplified)
Albanian (Albania)
Burmese (Myanmar)
Chinese (Cantonese, Traditional)
Chinese (Guangxi Accent Mandarin, Simplified)
Chinese (Jilu Mandarin, Simplified)
Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified)
Chinese (Northeastern Mandarin, Simplified)
Chinese (Southwestern Mandarin, Simplified)
Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin, Traditional)
Chinese (Wu, Simplified)
Chinese (Zhongyuan Mandarin Henan, Simplified)
Chinese (Zhongyuan Mandarin Shaanxi, Simplified)
Croatian (Croatia)
Dutch (Belgium)
Dutch (Netherlands)
Estonian (Estonia)
Filipino (Philippines)
Finnish (Finland)
French (Belgium)
French (France)
French (Switzerland)
Georgian (Georgia)
Gujarati (India)
French (Canada)
Hebrew (Israel)
Hindi (India)
Hungarian (Hungary)
Icelandic (Iceland)
Indonesian (Indonesia)
Inuktitut (Latin, Canada)
Inuktitut (Syllabics, Canada)
Irish (Ireland)
Italian (Italy)
Japanese (Japan)
Javanese (Latin, Indonesia)
Kannada (India)
Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
Khmer (Cambodia)
Korean (Korea)
Lao (Laos)
Latvian (Latvia)
Lithuanian (Lithuania)
Macedonian (North Macedonia)
Malay (Malaysia)
Malayalam (India)
Maltese (Malta)
Marathi (India)
Mongolian (Mongolia)
Nepali (Nepal)
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
Pashto (Afghanistan)
Persian (Iran)
Polish (Poland)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Romanian (Romania)
Russian (Russia)
Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)
Serbian (Latin, Serbia)
Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
Slovak (Slovakia)
Somali (Somalia)
Spanish (Bolivia)
Spanish (Chile)
Spanish (Ecuador)
Spanish (El Salvador)
Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)
Slovenian (Slovenia)
Spanish (Guatemala)
Spanish (Honduras)
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Nicaragua)
Spanish (Panama)
Spanish (Paraguay)
Spanish (Puerto Rico)
Spanish (United States)
Spanish (Uruguay)
Spanish (Venezuela)
Sundanese (Indonesia)
Swahili (Kenya)
Swahili (Tanzania)
Spanish (Peru)
Swedish (Sweden)
Tamil (India)
Tamil (Malaysia)
Tamil (Singapore)
Tamil (Sri Lanka)
Telugu (India)
Thai (Thailand)
Ukrainian (Ukraine)
Urdu (India)
Urdu (Pakistan)
Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan)
Vietnamese (Vietnam)
Zulu (South Africa)
Turkish (Türkiye)

Why is it a good idea to dub your videos online using Nova A.I.?

Step into a world where your videos speak to everyone, everywhere. With just a click of a button, transform your video into a global sensation. Harnessing the power of crafting the ideal voiceover in any language and embodying any voice you desire has never been simpler. Break the barriers of platforms and languages, whether it's YouTube, TikTok, X, Rumble, Vimeo or any format you're working with. Nova's cutting-edge dubbing tool is your ticket to worldwide audience engagement, offering a seamless, efficient way to make your content universally accessible and resonant.

Subtitle into 100+ Languages

Unlock the world's ears and eyes with an AI subtitle generator authentically expressed in 100+ languages. Expand your reach without losing nuance.

Save Time & Effort

Tailored for creators at every level, enhancing your content's reach without needing pro audio gear or skills, simply with just a click of a button.

Remove Unwanted Audio Bits

Effortlessly eliminate unwanted audio bits, such as noises or pauses in your TikTok videos, ensuring a seamless and engaging voice-over experience.

Add Another High Quality Voiceover

Choose from a range of diverse male and female voices to captivate various audiences, enhancing content style and uniqueness. Elevate your TikTok presence with 31 realistic narrators.

No Previous Editing Experience Is Needed

With Nova A.I. - no expertise is required. Craft captivating narratives effortlessly, designed for anyone to master instantly.

Complete automation

Upload, translate, and dub with our streamlined, fully-automated solution - no hassle, just results.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQ's our contact our sales team.

Is there a limit to the length of content I can dub?

Depending on your subscription plan, we accommodate a wide range of content lengths, ensuring flexibility for both short and long form videos and audio. For more information please see the pricing page.

What types of content can I dub?

Revolutionize your content with our AI dubbing tool, designed for a variety of media including podcasts, interviews, and lectures, across multiple mainstream formats like MP3, MP4, and more. Reach global audiences on YouTube, Rumble, Twitter (X), Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and other mediums with just a click of a button.

How long does the AI dubbing process take?

Our AI dubbing streamlines the process, ensuring rapid results, typically within minutes, depending on your content's length. Experience efficiency without sacrificing quality, tailored perfectly to meet your project's demands.

Can I translate multi-speaker audio or video files?

Absolutely, our AI dubbing solution excels at managing multi-speaker content, keeping each voice clear and distinct in the dubbed output. It handles files with background sounds adeptly, ideal for dubbing diverse formats like podcasts, interviews, and lectures. Of course, it highly depends on your audio quality, so please ensure it's as good as possible.

What is dubbing?

AI dubbing helps you seamlessly translate video speech, ensuring the speaker's essence remains intact. It essentially allows you to turn your or any other voice into another language with just a click of a button.


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Upgraded to Tier #3

Love this platform for captioning videos. Replaces Spoke and ChopCast for me. I would like to see a "search and replace" feature for changing caption text spelling as it phonetically picks the sound of a word but sometimes brings up poor spelling.

A global "search and replace" change would speed up the software and make your captions sparkle even for more complex topics.

I'm doing a voice translation of the bible and many of the names are spelled differently etc.

Still, this application does handle a need I have been looking for and I'm very glad I got in on a lifetime plan. Looking forward to a long future with NOVA AI.

This is truly the fastest way to create stunning videos.

@AhayahAssemblyChurch - app sumo review

What I was looking for for a long time!I missed the Happyscribe deal, so I used it by paying for some videos. When I saw that NovaAI offered the same thing, but better, I didn't hesitate for a second.

I love the ease of importing a video, and the generation of subtitles.

Being French, I had very little correction to do. In one click, my subtitles were translated into English, et voilà!

Not much to criticize: maybe the delay of the operations is a bit long, but it remains anecdotal.

Thank you for this deal, it will help me a lot!

@AlexSpirit - app sumo review

I uploaded a clear, English speaking video clip, and the subtitles were spot-on, with minor corrections needed.

Then I translated the English subtitles to Chinese, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it isn't just a literal word-by-word translation, but with correct sentence composition, since

Chinese structure is very different from English. The only glitch I found is that the Traditional Chinese translation is actually in Simplified Chinese. It's identical to the Simplified Chinese translation. I am sure it's an oversight and an easy fix for the developer.

The transcribing and translating of subtitles alone will save me so much time. I just need to upload the video and let Nova A.I. work in the cloud, while I move on to do other things. If you need subtitles, this is your tool!

@kingsley - app sumo review

After years of having I have now replaced with - and I have not regarded.

This is truly the fastest way to create stunning videos.Problem: Creating quality video content can be a time-consuming, expensive process and often requires a lot of video editing skill.

Agitate: From shooting and editing to marketing and distribution, there are a lot of different steps involved in making your video content stand out.

Solution: provides you with everything you need to create high-quality videos that are easy to publish and share.

Make an impact on your audience and stand out.

My recommendation totally recommendation 5 Tacos and unlimited of bonus tacos.It's truly- simple, innovative, suitable, secure and Intelligent.

Get the deal before it closes!

@Adam2000 - app sumo review

I am sure many like me are wondering, I dont need another video tool. Thats what i thought too but could not resist taking it for a ride and i can say that its my all time favorite.

All the basic tools needed for video editing is there and it works like a charm, something like a desktop type smoothness. But that not that only its got tons of features and a solid AI working behind the scene like elevating your video cataloguing to another level and that too without you doing anything, all AI driven.

I mean thats wooow.....especially at this price point. And it transcribes and translates.....well, what can it not do. solid 5 tacos.for us UI UX and ease of use are most important, nova scores 10/10 in that.

We were using other online video tools but gradually they seems slow down on loading and rendering, hope nova will learn from those experiences and will make sure flowless fast result generation.

@Uni - app sumo review

For me, one of the most tedious tasks in video production (in a one-man-operation) is adding subtitles.

I have been unsuccessfully searching for a tool that can help me achieve this task with the least amount of headache while still achieving great accuracy - and I'm happy to say that with out a doubt, Nova AI has taken this headache away.

I think a lot more work is still needed for this tool to reach it's full potential, which to be fair, are just extra bells and whistles but important non the less; right now, the editor still looks a little too basic.

That being said, I don't really see this as an issue, because for my needs, this app has already met my expectations. So please, regardless of the extra features the devs are looking to implement, don't mess around too much with the excellent the auto subtitle generator.

@paulrocio - app sumo review

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