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Video Content Analyzer

Save up to 94% of time and cost on searching specific video scenes and clips within your videos or video libraries by utilizing game-changing AI video content analyzer.

Nova A.I. video content analyzer studio available only on request.
If you want to start collecting intelligent video data do not hesitate please contact us for now.

Online video content analyzer

An AI-powered video content analyzer designed to create searchable video assets for quick video retrieval and video browsing.

Nova A.I. employs pre-trained and trainable AI engines allowing you to analyze, browse and retrieve your videos easily all in a single AI platform. It uses machine learning methods in a combined AI engine ecosystem to orchestrate and employ the best algorithms that always produce optimal results.

Nova A.I. is changing the way creatives work with video. Now the owners of large video content libraries can now enjoy easy access and complete control over their video assets. Browse and retrieve wanted videos faster than ever before.

1. Auto video analysis
Nova A.I. will analyze, categorize and index searchable data insights to your personal account hosted on our secure cloud servers.

2. Exploratory video search
Interactively check if your video content is relevant. Find objects, locations, scenes, people and more using Boolean Search. Browse your entire video libraries with just a click of a button.

3. Easily Integratable
Easily integrate with any video workflow. Export discovered clips to your favourite video editing platforms like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer directly from the platform.

How to analyze your video online?

Employing various machine learning methods with computer vision technologies analyzing your video content has never been easier and faster.

Activate the feature

Unfortunately, for various reasons, this feature is not available to everyone by default.If you want to activate our smart video analysis feature, please drop us a request via chat and we will activate the feature on your account.

Upload your videos

Upload your videosTo analyze videos, begin with uploading your videos to your video analyzer dashboard. Uploading is easily done from your computer, we can also explore other uploading methods such as FTP or importing from cloud storage services.

Let Nova analyze

Our software will binge watch all of your content and label every data point in your video. Then it intelligently group them as certain events, which you can later discover using our boolean search engine.

Find your clips

At this stage you can start searching. You can search a single video for a specific item such as a car, an action such as boxing and more. Or you can also search your whole video library.

Export & publish

Export your desired clip, or download a snippet directly to your favourite video editing software for further use.

Why would you use Nova A.I. video analyzer?

Nova A.I. video analyzer is equipped withstate-of-the-art video management tools to help you scale your content production effortlessly.

Access to a wide range of tools

Experience limitless creativity with Nova A.I. video editor. Our online video editing software offers an extensive trove of tools, simplifying every step as you edit video online. Dive in and make video magic effortlessly.

Improved workflow

Seamlessly integrates with major editing software, streamlining the editing process. Export directly to your favourite, whether it's Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve, we got you covered.

Newbie friendly

Experience the ease of storytelling with Nova A.I., the simple yet powerful video editor. Our creative editor is so simple to use that it requires no prior editing skills. It’s so simple that a five-year-old can make magic effortlessly, captivating any audience with every clip.

Comprehensive search features

Enables deep search capabilities within video content for specific details, such as celebrities, faces, objects, activities and much more.

Enhanced organization & efficiency

Automatically tags and categorizes footage for easy access. Rapidly identifies relevant segments, reducing manual search time.

Liberates time

Frees up time for creative editing tasks by automating the mundane ones.

Frequently asked questions

Nova A.I. - designed for busy professionals.

Does Nova A.I. have a stock video library?

Our video editor is in partnership with Getty Images, providing you with the best stock video assets, including video and audio, to simplify your creative journey. From the heart of the idea to the complete masterpiece!

Are videos edited with Nova A.I. watermarked?

Nova A.I. ensures a clean, watermark-free canvas exclusively on paid plans, empowering you to edit video online and make your storytelling unspoiled and uniquely yours.

Is Nova A.I. safe and private?

Experience peace of mind while you create video online with Nova A.I. Your privacy is our priority, ensuring a sealed environment as you edit video in our simple video editor. We prioritize privacy, providing fortified cloud servers for every edit, every creation, and every moment you craft on our intuitive video editing platform.

What is Nova A.I.?

Nova is a new-generation video editing tool designed to make video editing simple for you. We created an intelligent tool that works like an extra pair of hands in the studio.

Is Nova A.I. worth it?

Nova is a new-generation video editing tool designed to make video editing simple for you. We created an intelligent tool that works like an extra pair of hands in the studio. 


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