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Make an Intro Video Using Nova A.I.

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Learn How to Make a Intro Video Using Nova A.I. in Just a few Simple Steps

Creating an intro video has never been more simple. In this example, we will teach you how to use Nova A.I. video editing software as an intro video maker to quickly create professional-looking intro videos for your next video project, keeping the things super simple.

How to Make a Video Intro That Will Get You Noticed

In the digital era where video content is king, capturing audience attention is essential and challenging. Creating a compelling video intro is one of the best ways to grab that attention and set the stage for the rest of your content.A video intro that will get you noticed is purposeful, visually appealing, and aligned with your brand's personality.

Example: Create an intro for your upcoming short film

Suppose you're an aspiring film director that just filmed a cool short film, and you just can't wait to share your baby with your audience. Your movie is called 'The Streets of Brooklyn', it's in B&W, and the plot is about the 90s mafia and its crimes.For this example, we thought our video intro should imitate the type of introductions that were popular during the 80s and 90s in Hollywood. the steps in this guide to help you create an engaging intro that matches your film's tone and context.

Step #1: Plan Your Intro Video

Decide on the Concept: Reflect on the mood of your film, theme, and style.

  • For this example, we think going for a gritty, suspenseful vibe is a great choice.

Define the Duration: Intro videos should be short. Depending on the total length of the film, we suggest your intro would take around 5 to 10% of the entire length. Unless your video is long-format, then it's best to put a pin at 30 seconds. 50% of your video is the benchmark for user to drop out from watching your video. Therefore, you don't want to take too much time on introductions.

  • For this example, let's say our video is one minute and forty seconds long. Ideally, we think a great intro would be around 8-seconds long. 

Choose the Elements: Decide on the elements that you want to include in your intro.

  • In this case, we imagine an iconic drone overview of the city in B&W.

Step #2: Prepare your media assets

Collect the Photos/Clips: Find a clip, still shots or even a series of clips that best represent your film. Gather your images for branding and other purposes. Look for high-contrast, evocative images that can be understood easily in black & white. These could be shots of Brooklyn streets, mafia-related props, character close-ups, etc.Create/Choose the Title: Design or choose a font for your film's title that reflects the era and theme of your movie. In the 80s and 90s, fonts with thick, bold letters were quite popular.Select the Soundtrack: Choose a piece of music or sound effects that help to set the mood. Depending on the ambience you want to create, this could be a suspenseful score, a classic 90s track or even a dark synth-wave track. Before using it, ensure you have all the required licenses; otherwise, you might accidentally end up in court.For this example, we have used the following digital assets:

  • Images (for this example, we use our logo to brand our video)
  • Drone Video: Areal View (Pexels)
  • Music (we got our soundtrack from Bensound)

P.S. Nova A.I. offers access to the full iStock digital asset library. You can get videos, images and audio files directly from our application.

selecting stock images, video and audio with nova ai

Step #3: Upload your intro files to Nova A.I. creative studio

Import Your Assets: Import all your assets (photos, clips, and soundtracks) into Nova's intro video maker.Arrange Your Assets: Arrange your files into a sequence that tells your intro story and complements the title and the music.In our case, the arrangements are quick and easy as we decided to go with only a single clip, a logo and music.

Step #4: Edit and Animate

After you set your arrangements, use Nova A.I. video editing software to quickly add zest to your videos. Add text, cut, trim, merge and much more...

Add title to your intro movie using nova ai

1. Prepare Your Credits and Title: Prepare, arrange and style your film's title and other credits to make it more captivating and engaging. Use our 'add text to video' feature to create professional-looking intro credits and titles.

  • Navigate to the 'Text' panel on the left-hand side.
  • Create the desired text and place it anywhere on the timeline.
  • Position anywhere on the video frame. Use the handles to enlarge or minimise the text.
  • Select the desired font, size and colour. Add a 'Shadow FX' and select your colour.
add and edit your brand logos to your intro video using nova ai

2. Brand Your Video: Add an image to your video, place it anywhere on the timeline and extend for a desired length. Position the image wherever you want on the video frame. Use the handles around your logo to enlarge or reduce the size of your image.

Use nova ai to add black and white filter to your intro video

3. Add Filters To Video: Add filters to your intro video to set the mood. Select the video track you want to filter, navigate to the filters panel, and click on the desired filter. In this case, we chose a B&W filter.

add a sountrack to your video intro using nova ai

4. Add Your Soundtrack: It's easy, Navigate to the 'Media' panel and upload your audio track (Light Green Colour) in the timeline. Click on the audio file to open the 'Sound Control' parameters. Adjust the setting to your liking using the slider, which appears on the left-hand side at the top of the window. If you use any transitions, make sure the animations and unfolding imagery and text are in-sync with the beat of the music.

export your videos

Step 5: Review and Export

Review Your Intro: Watch your intro video multiple times to ensure everything flows smoothly and creates the intended atmosphere. Show it to others for feedback.Export the Video: Once satisfied, export the video in the appropriate format and quality.Combine with the Film: Open a new project, and upload your intro video and short film. Merge both videos and review. If you're satisfied once again - export. If not, return to the drawing board and evaluate what went wrong. Then when you identify your mistakes, make a plan for improvements and simply repeat the process to create more versions until you're satisfied.And there you have it! Now you have a gripping, era-appropriate intro for your short film 'The Streets of Brooklyn'. Remember, first impressions matter, so make sure it's good!

Bottom line

As you can see, Nova A.I. is a simple yet powerful solution allowing you quickly create captivating intro videos with minimal effort. You can replicate the same process to make photo videos for any type of video. Whether it's for a YouTube channel or for the Cannes Film Festival, you're only limited to your own imagination.

Pro tips for making an intro video that works.

The introduction sets the tone and captures your audience's attention immediately. Below we have listed some Pro Tips on creating an engaging video intro that can help you outperform other videos.

Intro Video Tip 1: Understand Your Audience

Before you start creating your intro, you need to know who your audience is. What interests them? What's their age group? What kind of visual language are they most likely to respond to? Understanding your audience helps you create a video intro that resonates with them and hooks them right from the start.

Intro Video Tip 2: Define the Purpose of Your Video

The purpose of your video will help guide the direction of your intro. Are you introducing a brand, a product, a service, or a story? The nature of your video will determine your intro's look, feel, and content.

Intro Video Tip 3: Choose Your Style

The style of your video intro should reflect your video's overall theme and tone. This includes everything from the colour palette to the typography, transitions, music, and overall aesthetic.

Intro Video Tip 4: Keep It Short and Punchy

The best video intros are usually short, typically 10-30 seconds. This doesn't mean you can't go beyond that, but remember that the main goal is to grab the viewer's attention and lead them into the main content, not to tell the entire story within the intro itself.

Intro Video Tip 5: Use High-Quality Visuals and Audio

Using high-quality visuals and audio is crucial. The intro is your first impression, and using low-quality assets can quickly diminish the viewer's interest. Also, ensure that the audio matches the visuals and works in sync for a coherent experience.

Intro Video Tip 6: Add Branding Elements

If you're creating a video for a brand, don't forget to include key branding elements in your intro. It could be the logo, tagline, or even brand colours. This helps in establishing brand identity and distinguishing your videos from others. It also works as well as an anti-piracy security system, so nobody will be able to monetize by stealing your video.

Intro Video Tip 7: Keep It Fresh

Don't be afraid to update your video intro over time. Just like any other content, video intros can become stale or outdated. Regularly reviewing and updating your opening keeps your content fresh and engaging for your audience.

Intro Video Tip 8: Test and Gather Feedback

Lastly, don't forget to test your video intro with a small group before publishing it. Get feedback, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure that it effectively captures your audience's attention and interest.Following these tips can help you create an irresistible video intro that grabs your audience's attention and gets them excited about the content that follows. Remember, the introduction sets the stage for what's to come, so make sure it's a real thumb-stopper.

Now it's your turn to make an intro video!

Do you think you got what it takes to create a cool intro video? it's time to put what you've learned to the test. Sign Up for our platform commitment-free, today and test our intro video maker. If you already have an account, simply just Log In and start making videos!

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