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Video Content Management System

Revolutionize your video workflow with our Video Content Management System. Centralize, manage, and securely distribute your video content online, ensuring seamless collaboration and control with our cutting-edge Nova A.I. technology.

Secure video cloud storage

In the dynamic digital landscape, the security of your content is paramount. That's where our secure video cloud storage steps in, safeguarding your video assets like a hawk. Imagine an impregnable digital fortress but for your videos. With our security system, you're not just uploading - you're fortifying. Each video nestles in our innovative cloud, shielded by state-of-the-art encryption, ensuring your content is accessible only to those you deem worthy.

Wave goodbye to the endless streams of email communications with the struggle of compressing oversized attachments. Our platform simplifies this process, offering sleek, seamless sharing. Distribute your content with confidence, whether embedding it into webpages, sharing via social media, or sending direct links that open in a breeze. Whether you’re using our video hosting for personal or professional purposes, organize your assets with intuitive folders, toggle between public and private settings, and command your content's accessibility. With Nova A.I., it's not just about storage - it's about authorization, security, and complete control.

How to work with our video management system?

Elevate your content management game effortlessly. Learn how to leverage our system to streamline video editing, sharing, and storing, solving your biggest video management challenges seamlessly.

Upload your video content to Creative Studio

Easily import your visuals into Nova A.I. Creative Studio, your solution for efficient video content organization and creativity.

Organise your folders

Streamline your workflow with Nova A.I. Creative Studio - expertly categorize and manage your video assets for effortless access and editing.

Share with your peers

Streamline your collaboration with colleagues, other departments, friends or even family members. Share your masterpieces seamlessly by embedding them into emails or your favourite social platforms.

Collaborate with other editors.

Discover the future of video projects with collaborative video editing! Say goodbye to endless file uploads, ever-disappearing flash drives, CDs, DVDs and other old stuff. With Nova A.I., a cloud-based video review tool, you can easily collaborate on video projects and connect with video editors worldwide. Pinpoint and comment on specific video segments you want refined. Whether you’re working with teams across different time zones or just next door, seamless collaboration is now at your fingertips. Dive into the modern era of video production today!

Simple video editing collaboration tool.

You may have many projects, some of which are collaborative and some you might need to send to your client to review. Constantly saving your videos just to show them to your colleague or a boss takes a tremendous amount of time… Jeez, the time it takes to render a video, “Come on, man” - says Joe Biden… With Nova A.I., you don’t need to export your video just so that you can share it with whomever you need to. Using our intelligent video content management system, send your videos to whomever you want with just a click of a button. People will line up to collab with you because Nova A.I. makes it so simple.

Safe and ad free experience.

Your videos are stored in our secure cloud. Decide who can access your videos, set them to private if you have to, or keep them open to the public in case you seek fame. All of this is completely online, providing you a safety net against machine faults, hardware errors, viruses, online pirates and more. Sharing and embedding your videos is also a simple experience. Only people that have access and websites that have a unique link can view videos from your library. P.S. Did we mention that all this goodness is ad free? Whoever your audience is, they can forget those annoying YouTube ads. Nova A.I. is just not that type of machine…

Our intelligent video CMS is enterprise ready.

Explore the power of digital assets with ease, leveraging our advanced search capabilities. Picture finding the precise clip you need as swiftly as locating an email. Navigate through your whole video library with intuitive tools like boolean search and find the desired moments using keywords. Harness the power of video analysis and increase the efficiency of your team. Enhance content visibility and ensure everyone's on the cutting edge with our seamless browsing and retrieval features. It's not just about managing content - it's about crafting a more innovative, more connected video ecosystem.

Why is it a good idea to build your own online video library?

Our video content management system transforms your chaos into order, ensuring your videos are secure, superbly organized, and easily shareable. Bid farewell to cluttered drives and compromised quality. Elevate your presence, protect your work, and collaborate without bounds. Harness the power of your creative content.

No managing experience is needed

Effortless navigation meets intuitive design. Seamlessly organize and manage your videos - no prior expertise is required.

Seamless collaboration options

Streamline your team's workflow with our Video Content Management System. Intuitive tools that foster creative synergy and efficient video project collabs.

Forget video compressors

Wave goodbye to tedious video compression tasks. Using our intelligent video hosting ensures seamless uploads and flawless and uncompromised sharing.

Compatible with any video format

Effortlessly edit and manage your content with our system's universal compatibility – from AVI to MKV to MP4, we handle all video formats without losing quality.

Secure access from anywhere

Streamline your workflow with our robust system, ensuring secure, instant access to your video content anytime, anywhere. Efficiency meets convenience.

Drag-and-drop interface

Intuitive controls for quick learning and execution. Forget hours spent watching endless tutorial videos on YouTube.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQ's our contact our sales team.

Why Nova A.I. hosting is best for video streaming?

Besides that Nova A.I. renders your videos like lightning, it also offers an ad-free video streaming experience to everyone watching your videos. With Nova A.I., you can also edit your videos, add subtitles, and translate your videos using a super simple-to-use interface.

How do I manage Nova A.I. video cms?

When on the platform, make sure you are on the ‘home’ panel. Click the ‘new folder’ icon and start creating your folders. Organise in any manner that seems comfortable for you, and start sharing.

What is video Hosting?

Video hosting allows you to distribute video content online. Similarly, like on YouTube, you upload your video to Nova A.I. and can embed the videos in your emails, website pages, and other desired places. This way, you don’t need to share the original video file, you can just use a link, and everyone can watch your video directly from the browser.

What is a video content management system?

It’s a system that allows you to store, organise and share your video content. Having a centralised video storage capability you will be able to share or manage your library from any device, machine and place. Just share the link – it’s that simple.


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Upgraded to Tier #3

Love this platform for captioning videos. Replaces Spoke and ChopCast for me. I would like to see a "search and replace" feature for changing caption text spelling as it phonetically picks the sound of a word but sometimes brings up poor spelling.

A global "search and replace" change would speed up the software and make your captions sparkle even for more complex topics.

I'm doing a voice translation of the bible and many of the names are spelled differently etc.

Still, this application does handle a need I have been looking for and I'm very glad I got in on a lifetime plan. Looking forward to a long future with NOVA AI.

This is truly the fastest way to create stunning videos.

@AhayahAssemblyChurch - app sumo review

What I was looking for for a long time!I missed the Happyscribe deal, so I used it by paying for some videos. When I saw that NovaAI offered the same thing, but better, I didn't hesitate for a second.

I love the ease of importing a video, and the generation of subtitles.

Being French, I had very little correction to do. In one click, my subtitles were translated into English, et voilà!

Not much to criticize: maybe the delay of the operations is a bit long, but it remains anecdotal.

Thank you for this deal, it will help me a lot!

@AlexSpirit - app sumo review

I uploaded a clear, English speaking video clip, and the subtitles were spot-on, with minor corrections needed.

Then I translated the English subtitles to Chinese, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it isn't just a literal word-by-word translation, but with correct sentence composition, since

Chinese structure is very different from English. The only glitch I found is that the Traditional Chinese translation is actually in Simplified Chinese. It's identical to the Simplified Chinese translation. I am sure it's an oversight and an easy fix for the developer.

The transcribing and translating of subtitles alone will save me so much time. I just need to upload the video and let Nova A.I. work in the cloud, while I move on to do other things. If you need subtitles, this is your tool!

@kingsley - app sumo review

After years of having I have now replaced with - and I have not regarded.

This is truly the fastest way to create stunning videos.Problem: Creating quality video content can be a time-consuming, expensive process and often requires a lot of video editing skill.

Agitate: From shooting and editing to marketing and distribution, there are a lot of different steps involved in making your video content stand out.

Solution: provides you with everything you need to create high-quality videos that are easy to publish and share.

Make an impact on your audience and stand out.

My recommendation totally recommendation 5 Tacos and unlimited of bonus tacos.It's truly- simple, innovative, suitable, secure and Intelligent.

Get the deal before it closes!

@Adam2000 - app sumo review

I am sure many like me are wondering, I dont need another video tool. Thats what i thought too but could not resist taking it for a ride and i can say that its my all time favorite.

All the basic tools needed for video editing is there and it works like a charm, something like a desktop type smoothness. But that not that only its got tons of features and a solid AI working behind the scene like elevating your video cataloguing to another level and that too without you doing anything, all AI driven.

I mean thats wooow.....especially at this price point. And it transcribes and translates.....well, what can it not do. solid 5 tacos.for us UI UX and ease of use are most important, nova scores 10/10 in that.

We were using other online video tools but gradually they seems slow down on loading and rendering, hope nova will learn from those experiences and will make sure flowless fast result generation.

@Uni - app sumo review

For me, one of the most tedious tasks in video production (in a one-man-operation) is adding subtitles.

I have been unsuccessfully searching for a tool that can help me achieve this task with the least amount of headache while still achieving great accuracy - and I'm happy to say that with out a doubt, Nova AI has taken this headache away.

I think a lot more work is still needed for this tool to reach it's full potential, which to be fair, are just extra bells and whistles but important non the less; right now, the editor still looks a little too basic.

That being said, I don't really see this as an issue, because for my needs, this app has already met my expectations. So please, regardless of the extra features the devs are looking to implement, don't mess around too much with the excellent the auto subtitle generator.

@paulrocio - app sumo review

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