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Create professional-looking, branded LinkedIn videos and increase your brand awareness with Nova A.I.

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Online LinkedIn video maker.

Nova A.I. is an online TikTok video editor that is so easy to use that no previous video editing experience is needed

Cut, Trim, merge and resize your videos with just a single click of a button. Add some fun music or sound effects. Grab everyone’s attention with subtitles and translations in over 40 different languages.

Create your videos online, directly from any browser including Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more. No installation is needed.

Nova A.I. is designed for you to make video editing for TikTok easy and simple.

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Improve LinkedIn video engagement.

Nova A.I. is equipped with state-of-the-art video editing tools to make your video workflows simple. A super intuitive user interface allows you to easily crack the platform and create LinkedIn videos that grow audiences quickly. Whether you need an ad, a story or a simple feed video, Nova A.I. has got you covered.

Increase your video reach.

A lot of social media videos are watched on mute. With a phone in their pocket and access to the internet, people watch videos everywhere. They do it in public spaces, on buses, on the metro, on trains, in waiting rooms and in coffee shops. To not disturb others in their surroundings people are often choosing to watch videos without sound. So, how are you going to deliver your message when your audience is not able to even hear it? Subtitles! Add them to your videos and make your content accessible to thousands more viewers!

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Create branded LinkedIn video content.

To run a successful professional channel on LinkedIn your video content should be branded appropriately so people would recognize it anywhere they see it. Nova A.I. is perfect for creating branded video content for businesses and entrepreneurs that like their content to be distinct from everyone elses.

Top LinkedIn video tips:

Record with good equipment. Getting the best quality videos is simple. Make sure the lighting is correct, you’re recording with a good camera from the right angle. Make sure the background looks professional.
Plan your video. Make sure you grab the audience’s attention from the first seconds of your video. Put essential information first.

Choose the right video length. Depending on the purpose of your video we suggest picking the right length of your video. For LinkedIn ads – videos up to 15 sec. are best. For brand awareness videos up to 30 sec. are ideal. Videos for upper-funnel marketing should stick to 30-90 sec. length. Everything longer-form is great for a product or brand story. Just be careful videos longer than 10 minutes will automatically get cut off.
Add closed captions. Social Media videos are usually watched on phones with the sound off. Therefore it’s crucial to have subtitles on your videos so your message can be heard anytime anywhere.

Useful tools:

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Simple Yet Powerful LinkedIn Video Editor

The easiest way to create branded LinkedIn videos and build your brand awareness on LinkedIn.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

It’s pretty simple.

1. Upload your video content.
2. Edit the parameters, cut & trim.
3. Merge multiple clips.
4. Set the correct TikTok aspect ratio.
5. Make sure your video is the correct length.
6. Add music.
7. Add subtitles.
6. Export.

And you’re ready to share & promote.

Depends on the format. 

For brand awareness, it’s recommended to fit in under 30 sec. 

For videos that would meet upper-funnel marketing goals the recommended length is somewhere between 30-90 sec.

LinkedIn Ads recommendations are similar to every other social media platform. Keep your ads short – under 15 sec.

All the other content videos should be under 10minutes long. (As this is recommended by LinkedIn itself.)

Branding videos are really important for any type business. Your video is your product, a representation of your company and product, so as you want your brand to be recognised everywhere – branding your videos is very useful.

Of course,  with Nova A.I. you can make videos for any type of social media platform Including LinkedIn. So get started for free, now!

Nova A.I. is the tool to go when turning your fun ideas into viral TikTok videos. The online video editing software simplifies your video editing journey and allow you to increase your video output.

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