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An AI-Powered auto subtitle generator. Add & edit video subtitles with a click of a button.

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How to add subtitles to your video, online?

You can permanently add subtitles to your video file automatically. Download subtitles as SRT, VTT or TXT files. Upload your own subtitle file or type in your own subtitles manually. Nova A.I. is designed to quickly create subtitles for your video. 

upload your content

Upload your video

Upload your video file to Nova’s video editing dashboard.

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Click ‘Subtitles’ in the sidebar menu and you can auto generate automatically, start to type manually or upload a subtitle file (eg. SRT, VTT)



Edit the text, font, size, colour, position, timestamps and more. 



Export your video with the subtitles hardcoded into it, or as TXT / SRT file.

Why is auto subtitling the future?

We developed Nova A.I. subtitle generator because we know it’s a pain to create subtitles manually using complicated video editing software like Premiere Pro, After effects, Avid and others. We wanted to design a tool that was easy to use and completely removed the complex task. Using Nova A.I. you only need to click ONCE, and the subtitles miraculously appear on your video! You can then edit the text however you please to make them unique, and more visible to your viewers. The simplicity of our platform will save you hours when subtitling your videos.

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Increase Reach.

Did you know that 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute? People watch videos in public spaces, on buses, on the metro, on trains, in waiting rooms and in coffee shops. More and more people are choosing to watch videos without sound. So, how are you going to deliver your message when your audience won’t even hear it? Subtitles! Add them to your videos and make your content accessible to thousands more viewers!

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Increase engagement.

Subtitling your videos creates a better viewing experience for your audience as now you’re offering them both image, sound, and text. Subtitles are a great way to capture your audience’s attention, highlight certain words or phrases, and focus your viewers on the most important information. With Nova A.I., it’s never been easier to make engaging content!

Make your videos inclusive.

Adding subtitles ensures your content is accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Nearly 20% of the global population lives with hearing loss. It is every content creator’s responsibility to make their videos inclusive for all types of audiences. Adding subtitles will aid hard-hearing people to understand your videos better and engage more. Make your videos inclusive for all types of audiences with no extra time spent!

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Generate subtitles automatically. Save Time.

Did you know that manually subtitling video content can take 5 to 10 times the duration of the video? Using automated subtitling software significantly reduces how long it takes and you can do other things while the subtitles are being generated. The keyword here is automated. With Nova AI you can subtitle 2 hours of video within 10 minutes. How great is that? That is 100 times less than subtitling manually.

Supported Languages

Automatic video transcription and subtitle generators are designed to transcode your video in 37 different languages and dialects. In addition to that Nova A.I. can translate your transcriptions and subtitles to 75 different languages. How cool is that?

Transcript / Subtitle Generator


Arabic, Gulf

Arabic, Modern Standard

Chinese, Simplified

Chinese, Traditional



English, Australian

English, British

English, Indian

English, Irish

English, Scottish

English, New Zeland

English, South African

English, USA

English, Welsh


French, Canadian



German, Swiss


Hindi, Indian




Korean, Republic


Portuguese, Brazilian




Spanish, Latin America





Nova is the best platform to do automatic subtitling online. It’s fast with up to 96% accuracy, depending on the quality of the video audio. Allows you up to 30 minutes of subtitling for FREE on our trial plan!

Add Subtitles (Captions) to your Video, Online

You can add subtitles to your video in 3 different ways:

1. You can type them manually.
You can make your own subtitles for your video by uploading your video to Nova, Click ‘Subtitles’ in the sidebar menu and select “Manual Subtitles” to manually type them.

2. You can use the automatic subtitle generator.
You can permanently add subtitles to your video online by either asking Nova to auto-generate them automatically, uploading an existing SRT file or typing your own subtitles manually – then hit the download button and check “Burn Subtitles”.

3. You can upload a file (eg. SRT, VTT) and add it to your video.
You make SRT subtitles by uploading your video to Nova. Nova automatically creates subtitles for your video, and you can download them as SRT by clicking the download icon and selecting SRT.

You can then easily customize the parameters of the text, such as the timing, colour, font & size. If you need you can also make quick edits to the text itself.

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Build a searchable video library.

Upload your videos to Nova’s Search Engine, let your videos be analysed and create your first searchable video library. Utilise your video audio to quickly navigate through your archives, and pull out any scene and any moment instantly using subtitles. Simply just type in the phrase or a word you are looking for in the “Search Field” and Nova will find it in your video. Alternatively suggest your inquiry to a “Global Search” field and Nova will find all the videos where the phrase has been mentioned in your entire content library. How cool is that?!

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Subtitle your video now!

Enhance your video automatically with accurate A.I. subtitles.



Auto transcribe your video for content repurposing strategies.


Add subtitles

Hardcode subtitles to your video to improve viewer engagement.


Reach Audiences

Reach a wider audience and get your message across. 



Leverage the text to make your videos searchable.

...As an added service to my clients I have started extracting scripts of the spoken words, interview or otherwise. Which they can use for script editing, or when writing posts for publications, blogging or social media....
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Frequently Asked Questions about Nova

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Follow these simple steps and Nova A.I. will generate subtitles for you automatically.

1. Log in to the Nova A.I. account. Make sure that you’re on the Video Editing dashboard.
2. Click the “Create Project” button. And upload your video. 
3. Click on the “Subtitles” panel. You can see all the subtitling options available. Select the “Auto Subtitle” option to create subtitles automatically. The other options are to upload the subtitle file or type in the subtitles manually.
4. Edit the text and timestamps of your subtitles.
5. Click the “Styles” button to edit subtitle font, size, colour, position and more.
6. Click on the “Translate” button if you want to translate your subtitles.
7. When you’re done, click on the “Export” button. Toggle the “Burn Subtitles” button and export. 

Alternatively, you can download SRT or TXT files from the “Translate” section. Just click on the “Download” icon on the desired language and that is it.

As simple as that.

1. “Subtitles” Button allows you to edit text on the subtitle cards and timestamps. If you flip the subtitle card by clicking on the arrow icon you can edit the style for that particular card.

2. You can edit global styling settings in the “Styles” panel. Edit Font, size, colour and more.

Yes, Nova A.I. is able to translate to understand over 100 different languages. Follow this link to see what languages are supported by Nova A.I.

Nova makes your subtitles automatically. 2 hours of footage nova will subtitle in about 15 – 20 minutes. That compared to the industry standard that would take it to 10 to 12 times longer.

P.S. Nova is much cheaper than any human service. 

Subtitles play a huge role in any successful video marketing strategy. 85% of Facebook videos are being watched with the sound turned off.  

Adding text to your video simply means expanding your audience reach and getting your message across to wider audiences.

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