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An AI-Powered auto video audio translator. Translate your video audio into 40+ different languages. Add subtitles.

get your subtitles translated.
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How to auto translate your video, online?

Is your goal is translate a video? Maybe you want to reach international audiences on your YouTube channel? Or maybe you just simply want to translate a foreign movie?  You came to the right place. Nova A.I. is designed to quickly translate your videos for you. 

upload your content

Upload your video

Upload your video file to Nova’s video editing dashboard.

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Transcode & Subtitle

Allow Nova to analyze, transcode and subtitle your video.


Translate & Edit

Translate your subtitles automatically and edit the style.



Export your translated video, or download TXT / SRT file.

Why using online video translator is a good idea?

Translating a video is just a different level task. You just can’t do it on your own if you do not know the language. Have you searched for human translation services? They are costly and often take quite some time. So, why wouldn’t you want to choose an automated path, that allows you to translate your videos within minutes?

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Reach global audiences.

Are you looking to invite international audiences to your YouTube channel? Maybe your business want’s to expand to a different country? Not everyone around the world speaks English, so you might miss out on a good portion of global audiences’ cake. Adding subtitles on your videos in targeted languages can increase your engagement and viewing time, improve your CTRs and increase traffic to whatever stream you’re using. So don’t wait anymore, start translating your videos now!

Nova automatically translates 40 different languages
auto video translator

Save time.

Translating your videos manually, assuming that you know the language, would take you over 10x longer than using automated video translator software such as Nova A.I. The platform offers you 97% accuracy and does it in just a few minutes. A user-friendly on-screen video audio translator interface allows you to translate your video within 3 clicks to any of the 40 supported languages and stylize it however you prefer. You can also, download TXT or SRT files for further use.

Not your average video translator.

With Nova A.I. you can do much more than just translate your videos. You will have an access to a wide range of video editing tools that will allow you to edit your videos like a pro. The creative studio dashboard is intuitive, so no video editing experience is needed! Forget clogging your computer with complex software, use Nova A.I. – a simple yet powerful online video editing software.

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Auto translate your video now!

Translate any type of video automatically with accurate A.I. translations.



Auto transcode and add subtitles to your video.



Translate your subtitles to any of the listed languages.



Edit translated subtitle font, colour, size, timestamps, position and more. 



Download your translated video with hardcoded subtitles or simply download a TXT or SRT file.

...As an added service to my clients I have started extracting scripts of the spoken words, interview or otherwise. Which they can use for script editing, or when writing posts for publications, blogging or social media....
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Frequently Asked Questions about Nova

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Follow these simple steps and Nova A.I. will generate subtitles for you automatically.

1. Log in to the Nova A.I. account. Make sure that you’re on the video editing dashboard.
2. Click the “Create Project” button. And upload your video.
3. Give a few moments until the platform transcodes the video. 
4. Click on the “Subtitles” panel. You should be able to see all the subtitle cards on this panel. 
5. Edit the text and timestamps of your subtitles.
6. Click on the “Translate” button and select the desired language. Wait a few moments and you’re done.
7. Click the “Styles” button to edit subtitle font, size, colour, position and more.
8. When you’re done, click on the “Export” button. Toggle the “Burn Subtitles” button and export. 

Extra export: 
Alternatively, you can download SRT or TXT files from the “Translate” section. Just click on the “Download” icon on the desired language and that is it.

As simple as that.

1. “Subtitles” Button allows you to edit text on the subtitle cards and timestamps. If you flip the subtitle card by clicking on the arrow icon you can edit the style for that particular card.

2. You can also edit global styling settings in the “Styles” panel. Edit Font, size, colour and more.

The translation phase is fairly quick. Depending on the length of your video. Usually, 2 hours of video takes up to 10-15minutes.

Nova A.I. is a unique video editing tool that saves you time and is cost-efficient. Purchasing human service you will have to wait for a few days and pay large sums of money. With Nova, you can translate your videos in minutes and do much more!

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