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An AI-Powered auto Voice Generator. Create realistic male or female voices for videos in over 35 different languages.

AI Voice Generator Software

Nova A.I. is the best Voice Generation Software for creating realistic voices for your videos. Turn any written text into speech in realistic language and accents. You can test our web-based voice generator for free (at a limited capacity), no installation is needed. 

Using Nova A.I. is as simple as taking clicking several buttons. It takes only a few minutes and you’ll have a creative voice to add to your video. Simply just type or paste your text into Nova A.I. and turn text into high-quality, narrated videos instantly. Use Voice to tell great stories and improve the engagement of your videos. More engagement means more views – more views lead to more clients and more clients result in larger revenues.

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Upload your TikTok videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

automated speech model

Generate A Voice

Type in or copy-paste text and generate audio speech automatically.

export your videos


Add your speech to your video and export to share with your audience.

Why is it a good idea to use an AI Voice Generator, online?

Nova’s Voice Generation software changes the way you create your videos. Create lifelike, emotive speeches with realistic AI voices. Create voices automatically and add them to your video. Forget learning complex software, installing heavy software, and hiring professional voice actors, audio engineers and equipment. Use an all-in-one solution to create fantastic videos that stun your audience. All you need is an internet connection and a computing device. Nova A.I. it’s the easiest way to work with your videos.

Create realistic voiceovers for your SoMe videos

Want to record a segment of speech and add it to your Facebook or Instagram feed video? Maybe you got an ad and you need a voice-over? Clearly, you got everything you need for your next campaign, but don’t have a decent voice-over for some reason. Well, you’re in luck because with Nova A.I. you can generate voiceovers for your videos automatically. Create voiceovers for feed videos, ads, promos, intros, trailers, outros and more. Simply just type in what you want to speechify into Nova’s text-to-speech editor and select your preferred voice. That’s all you need.

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select a different voice

Select from different voices

Select from a range of human-like voices. AI Voice Over generator has 11 different voices. Allowing you to explore your creative capacity at length. Nova A.I. has 5 different male voices and 6 different female voices, so pick the one you think your audience will resonate with the most. Creating viral videos with Nova A.I. has never been more simple.

Reach global audiences

It’s not a secret that reaching global audiences can increase your sales and revenue. Therefore reaching worldwide audiences is more important than ever. You can easily create videos with foreign voiceovers by using Nova A.I. You don’t need to learn a foreign language. You can simply manually create subtitles in the subtitling panel, and then translate them into the preferred language. Copy the text into the text-to-speech text generator and that’s it. Creating voiceover videos in different languages has never been more simple.

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edit your subtitle styles

Nova A.I. is more than just a AI Voice Generator

With Nova A.I. you can generate realistic voices for your videos quickly. Whether you’re a video editing pro or a complete beginner, dubbing your videos online with Nova A.I. has never been more simple! Using the platform you can also add subtitles, translate videos, add emojis and other elements to your video and much more. Simple to use, end-to-end video editing & archiving software designed for busy creatives.

AI Voice Generator Supported Languages

Nova’s automatic AI Voice maker supports 36 different languages.

Arabic, Gulf

Arabic, Modern Standard

Chinese, Cantonese

Chinese, Mandarin



English, Australian

English, British

English, New Zeland

English, South African

English, USA

English, Welsh



French, Canadian

Hindi, Indian


German, Austrian








Portuguese, Brazilian


Spanish, Catalan

Spanish, Europe

Spanish, US

Spanish, Mexico




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Simple Yet Powerful Online AI Voice Generator

Generate realistic speech with just a few clicks of a button.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Create voices for your videos automatically using Nova A.I., following these simple steps:

1. Log in to the platform.
2. Select the ‘audio’ panel
3. Select the ‘text-to-speech’ tool
4. Select your Language
5. Type in or copy-paste your text
6. Select your Voice

As easy as that.

Nova A.I. limits the voice-over generator by characters based on what plan your account is subscribed to. With a free plan, Nova allows the generation of speech for 1,000 characters. Check out our pricing plan to find out more.

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