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Create an engaging promo video with Nova A.I. for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or even The Big Screen.

create promo video

Online promo video maker.

Create a compelling promo video for your company or a next product release with Nova A.I.

Nova A.I. is an online promo video maker that is easy to learn and use. Upload your product designs, brand logo and some video footage and get started right away. 

Cut, Trim and resize your videos with just a single click of a button. Add subtitles in over 40 languages. Export in high quality and get your sales skyrocketing.

Nova A.I. is an online editing tool so no download is needed. Work directly from any browser including Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more.

the days clogging your device with unmanageable apps, or spending hours grasping complex software. 

Simply upload your files in any format and download freshly baked high-end video products straight from your browser.

Nova A.I. is here to simplify your creative journey to making videos that will bring you profits.

upload your content

Upload your videos

Add multiple video and image files to Nova A.I. Simply just Drag & Drop, all mainstream files are supported. 

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Create your Promo's

Cut, Trim and Resize your video and image material. Merge multiple clips, and add your branding logo and a nice thumbnail picture. Add Subtitles in over 40 different languages.

export your videos

Export your Promo Videos

Export your video in high quality and any format you need. Start sharing your video with your audience. Simply just click the export button and your video will be delivered to you in seconds.

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Build your brand with creative promo videos

Building your brand is never simple. Creating an engaging brand is even more difficult. Luckily, tools like videos are available to all of us because of the tiny devices in our pockets. Building brand awareness has never been more simple. You don’t need any editing skills. You don’t need to learn complex software. Just film it, upload it, make quick edits and you’re ready to share it with your audience.

Create product promo videos

Got products and want to boost sales? Various studies show that people are more likely to buy products after watching a promo video, therefore it’s essential to create professional-looking product videos. Improve your e-commerce store, your brand YouTube channel, Social Media accounts, and presence on Amazon, Esty or even E-bay. Create converting product promo videos easily with Nova A.I., a simple yet powerful video editing software.

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create ad videos for your services

Create service promo videos

Selling your service and want to boost sales? Well, then creating videos is extremely important. You can convert your prospects easier with video content. It’s also easier to generate leads, as you can provide value while experimenting with different formats. You can create free beginner courses, market overviews, ‘how to’ videos within your niche. There is no mathematical formula you can use here, but this has been done, by multiple people online.

Create ad videos

Online advertising is a great source of traffic to your website, e-store, YouTube or Social Media channels. There are a few ad formats you can create, but the one we recommend is a video ad. Video ads convert best, and are more engaging, informational and attention-grabbing. With Nova A.I. you can create advertising campaign videos for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and any other Social Media platforms.

Create ad videos now

Useful video editing tools:

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Create your promo videos with Nova A.I. now!

The easiest way to monetize your video strategy.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

It’s pretty simple.

1. Upload your video content.
2. Edit the parameters, cut & trim.
3. Merge multiple clips.
4. Add subtitles.
5. Export.

And you’re ready to share & promote.

If you want to promote your service, website or social media page, any other product that you want to monetize. In this day and age you need to create teaser videos to seduce your audience to buy your product or even recognize your brand.

It is highly recommended that your promo video would be up to 30 seconds. The shorter the better, just don’t forget to create urgency and the need, so don’t overcomplicate things.

There have been various marketing studies that show significant product sales increases after the customer watches a video. So it is strongly recommended to promote your products with video content.

There are many tools online, but Nova A.I. is the superior one. The simplified interface that will allow you to quickly navigate, edit & download your product has no competition in video editing market.

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