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Create a captivating promo video with Nova A.I. for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or even for The Big Screen.
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Online promo video maker.

Create a compelling promo video for your company or a next product release with Nova A.I.

Nova A.I. is an online promo video maker that is easy to learn and use. Upload your product designs, brand logo, and some video footage, and get started right away.

Cut, Trim, and resize your videos with just a single click of a button. Add subtitles in over 100 languages and dialects. Export in high quality and get your sales skyrocketing.

Nova A.I. is an online editing tool so no download is needed. Work directly from any browser, including Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more.

Forget the days clogging your device with unmanageable apps, or spending hours grasping complex software.

Simply upload your files in any format and download freshly baked high-end video products straight from your browser.

Nova A.I. is here to simplify your creative journey to making videos that will bring you profits.

How to create a promo video, online?

If you are looking for the best tool to make promo video creation more effective and fun, NOVA A.I. is the tool for you!

  • Upload your videos

    Simply drag-and-drop videos, images, sound, and music fiels to your project. If you are short of content feel free to get inspiration and search within the NOVA A.I. stock media library.

  • Make your edits

    Start using the plate of tools. Cut, Trim, and Merge the content on your timeline, and resize your video to fit specific platform formats. Add engaging features such as transitions, filters, voiceovers, subtitles, text, etc. Depending on your type of promo video; add your branding logo, buyers details, and more.

  • Export & publish

    Export your video in high quality and any format you need. Simply click the export button and your video will be delivered to you in seconds - now ready to share!

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Enhanced brand visibility

Promo videos provide an opportunity to showcase your brand personality, values, and offerings in a visually compelling manner. Consistent use of branding elements, such as logos and color schemes, reinforces brand recognition within your videos. This increased visibility helps in creating a strong brand presence in the minds of your target audience. Promo videos can be shared across various online platforms, including social media, websites, email campaigns, and more. Their versatility makes them an excellent tool for reaching a wide audience, and people are more likely to watch and share a well-crafted promo video compared to text-based content.

Increased engagement

Got products and want to boost sales? Various studies show that people are more likely to buy products after watching a promo video, therefore it’s essential to create professional-looking product videos. Improve your e-commerce store, your brand YouTube channel, Social Media accounts, and presence on Amazon, Esty or even E-bay. Create converting product promo videos easily with Nova A.I., a simple yet powerful video editing software.

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Effective communication of key messages

Video is a powerful medium for storytelling. Promo videos allow businesses to communicate key messages, features, and benefits in a way that is easily digestible for the audience leading to an overall better understanding of what your product or service is about and when it comes in handy. The combination of visuals, audio, and text can effectively convey complex information and make it more memorable. Try to add subtitles, text, and voiceovers to your promo videos and see what difference is makes for the message getting through to your target audience.

Increased conversion rates

Promo videos can significantly impact conversion rates. When potential customers see a product or service in action and understand its use and benefits, they are more likely to make a purchase or take the desired action. Including clear calls-to-action in your promo videos can guide viewers toward conversion points, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Make sure your video easily comprehensible and well edited to achieve the best result from it.

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Why is it a good idea to create promo videos with Nova A.I.?

NOVA A.I.’s user-friendly interface and simple yet powerful features make it both fun and simple to make viral video promos focused directly towards your target audience. Our powerful yet simple software is designed specifically to make video editing accessible for everyone.


Easily captivate your audience by seamlessly adding subtitles with our user-friendly AI subtitle generator. No more manual hassle – our platform’s genius lies in its ability to auto-generate subtitles in a flash saving you loads of time. You can edit, translate and download your subtitles hardcoded or in SRT, VTT or TXT format.


Elevate your content game by adding engaging voiceovers. Our software allow you easily create an AI voice over using text to speech technology. No hassle, just pure sophistication.


With attention spans dwindling, concise and compelling text overlays grab your audience’s focus, conveying key information swiftly. Enhance brand recognition, emphasize critical details, and make your content more comprehensible.


Short of footage? Or need special images, sound effect or background music? NOVA A.I. have you covered with access to extensive library of media assets. Just search, and you shall find.


Select transitions to add between video clips for a smother flow and more professional look, or add filters for a extended layer of creativity, transforming mundane shots into visually stunning content. Enrich your promo video with elements such brand logos, callouts, discount logos, emojis and more.

Let’s subtitle your videos together!

Useful video editing tools:

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Create your promo videos with Nova A.I. now!

The easiest way to monetize your video strategy.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

A promo video, short for promotional video, is a short-form video created to promote a product, service, event, or brand. Promo videos are widely used in marketing and advertising across various platforms, including television, online streaming services, social media, and company websites.

It’s pretty simple.

1. Upload your video content.
2. Edit the parameters, cut & trim.
3. Merge multiple clips.
4. Add subtitles.
5. Export.

And you’re ready to share & promote.

If you want to promote your service, website or social media page, any other product that you want to monetize. In this day and age you need to create teaser videos to seduce your audience to buy your product or even recognize your brand.

The ideal length for a promo video really depends on the platform, content, and target audience. However, for social media, ideally between 15 to 60 seconds, while tutorial videos or promo videos with a more complex storyline can be longer. Keep in mind that people have different attention span also depending on the level of engagement. In general the shorter the better as long as key message isn’t compromised.
There have been various marketing studies that show significant product sales increases after the customer watches a video. So it is strongly recommended to promote your products with video content.
Product videos, service videos, explainer videos, testimonial video, event promo video, social media promo video, behind-the-scenes video, teaser video, tutorial or How-To video, brand story video, holiday or seasonal promo video, and limited-time offer video.
There are many tools online, but Nova A.I. is the superior to most. The engaging tool palette and the simplified interface will allow you to quickly navigate, edit & download your promo videos making you better equipped for competitive field of online video marketing.

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