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Shake things up with an impressive Video Resume made with Nova A.I.

Make resume videos

Online Resume video maker.

Level up and create a professional-looking resume for your job applications and online interviews. Create a perfect motivational video to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

You don’t need to hire expensive video editing teams or learn complex editing software to do so. Use our innovative web-based tool that makes video editing available for everyone at very little cost. 

Nova A.I. is an online video content maker that takes no time to learn. Equipped with state-of-the-art simple yet powerful editing tools will allow you to quickly create professional-quality videos that connect.

Work directly from your browser Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more. No installation is needed.

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Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

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Create your video resume

Use Nova's tools to create stunning resume videos.

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Export & Share

Share your video resume on LinkedIn or send it to your future employer.

Impress your future employer

Getting a new position or a new job might be challenging nowadays. There’s a lot of competition in any type of industry, so it’s important to stay relevant, distinct and creative. Nova A.I. allows you to make these amazing resume videos with a click of a button. Surprise your future employer with a video tailored to your profession and leave an unforgettable first impression. Taking the extra mile will help you stand out from the crowd and provide a memorable experience to your potential employer. With Nova A.I. it’s as simple as slicing a cucumber.

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Create linkedin videos

Share your video resume on LinkedIn

Have you noticed that on LinkedIn you sometimes get notifications to see how many people have viewed your profile? Supposedly a talent hunter might be looking for exciting people to join the next Google or Apple. Now imagine if you have a cool video resume pinned to your profile. You are one step ahead of your competitors. The talent hunter might think, cool, this person is prepared to go extra the mile. That’s exactly what we are looking for to join our team. It is well known that people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. So if you’ve created a rocking resume video, you will definitely get that call or DM that will change your life.

Not just a video resume maker

Nova A.I. offers more than just video resume-making capabilities. It is a versatile video editing tool that allows you to edit your videos online. With Nova’s user-friendly yet powerful interface, you can easily cut, trim, merge, and add effects, transitions, and elements to your videos. Moreover, you can incorporate fun details like music, photos, text, and more to make your video resumes stand out. No video editing experience is needed. Nova is as simple as the back of your hand.

Create an Explainer video

Useful tools:

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Create your Resume videos with Nova A.I. now!

The fastest way to leave an unexpected impression with a resume video.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

It’s pretty simple.

1. Upload your video content.
2. Edit the parameters, cut & trim.
3. Merge multiple clips.
4. Set the correct aspect ratio for any social media platform or media player.
5. Add music, sound effects or voiceovers.
6. Add subtitles.
7. Export.

And you’re ready to share it.

If you hire a professional editing team it will be very expensive. With Nova A.I. you can make videos up to 2 hours long for free.

The recommendations for video resumes is somewhere from 1 to 3 minutes long.

Nova A.I. has easy to learn tools that make Resume video making like making coffee. Easy, simple and smooth.

Nova A.I. is equipped with a wide variety of advanced state-of-the-art editing technologies that are simple to use and quick to learn. All that you need for a Resume Video can be found in the built-in tools inside the software.

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