How to Protect Your Online Course Videos  and Content

A quick guide on how hardcoding a logo to your video can help you protect your content.Content theft is a growing issue for original content creators. The digital world is full of scammers, copiers, and catfishes. Whenever people post anything online, it doesn’t remain in their control. Therefore, content of any kind, including films, videos, songs, online courses, and text, needs to be secured from thieves who misuse that data for their financial gains.Although multiple laws have been created to stop content stealing, many scammers are using different tricks to get themselves saved from laws and law enforcement agencies. So, content creators have to use some tricks as well to protect their work and don’t let anyone misuse it for their gains.If you are among the content creators developing unique, valuable, and profitable content, below are some tips that can help you save your creative work from content crooks.

Get Copyright

The first thing you should do before publishing or selling your original content is you should learn about the national and international copyright laws that are meant to protect the creative work of artists and content developers. Once you acquire the relevant information, you can register your work and get a copyright license.Usually, many stealers don’t dare to copy and exploit the work with a copyright license as they know they can be found and charged by authorities. However, you must not only get the permit but also mention that you hold the right to the content. It can keep almost every content theft away from your work. So, you can easily protect your online courses, videos, and creative art.

Disable Saving Option

You would have analyzed that many online platforms don’t let users directly save videos. That’s an attempt from those platforms to protect the work of real creators. However, many video downloader programs, applications, and other tools allow them to save the work on their devices. So, you cannot rely on those online platforms.Whereas you can disable right-click or save options on your websites and other platforms you use for content distribution. Using this method, you can save your work from most content stealers who don’t know how to copy and crack this protection method.

Use Visible Watermarks

If you are distributing your work on multiple online platforms and don’t want others to reuse the work, you should add your watermarks to your work. For example, you can use your company name or web address as a prominent watermark. That’s how you can make it difficult for thieves to reuse and claim your work.However, many think watermarks can only be used for graphical content like videos and images. But you can also use watermarks with text-based content. For example, you can convert textual content into image form, add watermarks, and distribute them for that purpose.

Logos can also assist you in protecting your work. For example, you can use your logos as a watermark. Usually, many people can create the same watermark for the companies or build identical web and social media pages and claim the authority. But the content stealers need to be more creative to design similar logos. Consequently, they leave that specific content and find others.You can use a logo maker online tool to design your logo. Such a tool will not only help you collect logo design ideas but also give you an easy opportunity to design a striking logo that you can use as a watermark to protect your creative and money-making work from stealers.

Use Visible Watermarks

As a content creator, you must tell your audience you are the original creator. Usually, some people don’t show their faces while creating the courses and other videos. If you don’t want to show your face, you should tell the audience that it is your creation by talking about it on your blog or vlogs. That’s how you can guide others that you are the person whom they should trust. So, they will purchase the content from you and avoid buying it from third parties.

Mail Content to Yourself

Before publishing the content on any platform, you must mail it to yourself or someone whom you trust. That’s how in case of content theft, you can easily create proof that you are the person who created that type of content. Then, using that proof, you can build a case against content thieves and win legal disputes against everyone.

Final Words

Quality and informative content always have some worth. However, the original content creators must utilize the opportunity to cash their work. Along with that, they should also make sure not to let any other person or organization misuse that content. That happens with everyone, especially in the case of online courses. You create content, and scammers purchase it and sell the buyers at a lower cost. Ultimately, they make more money through it without making any effort.Similarly, it happens with every kind of content. So, to save your content from stealers, you must try the methods mentioned in this article. All of these are very practical and keep scammers away from your work.

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