Decorate your video with Image

Get motion from no motion. Create stunning picture sequences. Overlay your images on top of your videos and more. 

Disney is using Nova for video recognition
DPG media uses nova for image and audio recognition
NBCUniversal is using nova for video annotation
Nordic Entertainment is using nova for video logging
Nova is using Nova for celebrity recognition
NPO is using nova for video cloud storage
svt is using nova for automatic transcriptions

Including images in your video has never been easier.

Whether you need to add images for branding purposes, the storyline demands it, or you just simply got that cool creative idea that you wish to fulfil.

cut your footage with nova


Upload your image files to Nova’s creative studio.



Drag & drop anywhere on the timeline, overlay with video or other images, edit canvas, add text and more.



When you’re done, simply export and share with your audience.

Fast forward video viewing time

Insert images and photos in your videos instantly.

There are many reasons why would you want to upload an image to your video. The most common is to stand out and brand your videos so your content would be recognizable across various platforms. Nova A.I. will allow you to mark your videos creatively with no headache at all. Resize, crop and position pixel-perfect quality images anywhere in your video.

add text to image videos

Perfect image adding tools for everyday user.

Simple drag & drop interface.

Resize your images and maintain the quality.

Overlay with videos and other images.

Position anywhere on the timeline.

Add text.

Add images to your video online with Nova A.I. now!

The fastest way to insert images into your videos.



Intuitive user interface.



Pre-defined settings for you to save time.



Allows you more time to be creative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nova

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Simply upload your image file to Nova creative studio, place your image anywhere in the timeline and your image becomes a video.

Yes, you can create a beautiful photo compilation video with Nova A.I. 

Upload your photos to Nova creative studio, place your files into the timeline and arrange the order to taste.

Add some funky music and you’re ready to export!

Nova A.I. does many things, but unfortunately at this moment in time, it is not possible to do so. But our developers are working very hard to make this a reality and the feature will be available in near future.

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