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Repurpose Your Video Content For Various Social Media Channels

Written by Linnea Langfjord
Head of Marketing & Communications

I bet we can all relate - managing multiple social media platforms is exhausting. Especially when you have to deliver huge volumes of content across the channels. You can spend hours crafting those beautiful videos, each and every one of them different from the other. Sounds great, doesn't it?

But I believe that - Less is more.

Repurpose your video content

Working in a small team in a small startup business has taught me that big will eat small. Large businesses can have big teams and budgets to make fresh and new content every day. But even they more often than not, don't do it. So how do we stay relevant with as few resources as possible? Well, one of the tricks is Video Content Repurposing.

What is video content repurposing?

Chances are you might have heard of it with one ear and then forgot it. Because it has been mentioned many times by the likes of Gary Vee and various other marketeers. The fact is, that it's not even complicated. It's what it sounds like, simple like peeling a banana.

What we do is we pick our main video content sharing platform, just for an example's sake let's use the mainstream one - YouTube and make content for it exclusively. What we do after is we take the same video and repurpose it for other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs or wherever else you want to share it. The thing is that the possibilities are endless, you just have to stay creative. That's right, a single video to rule it all. What a shocker right?

How many pieces of content I can make from one video?

Alright, boss, that is completely up to you, your imagination and the social media platforms you want to conquer. Here are a few tips on how to reformat your content:

⊳ Turn your video into audio.
⊳ Transcribe your video into a blog post.
⊳ Cut the best piece out of your video and make an Instagram Reel.
⊳ Transform into a short video series for TikTok.
⊳ Create a teaser before the premiere.
⊳ Create an audio trailer to intrigue your audience. (Make sure that the video is just a dark block and the audio is tense).

And that's just a few of the top of my head. I'm sure if you start writing this down, the ideas pour like from a bucket.

How can I repurpose my content using Nova A.I.?

Let's say that I am a YouTube cooking show host. I want to create Instagram Trailer and TikTok miniseries about my recipie. How do I restructure and repurpose a single video for all the platforms using Nova?

Step 1: Upload your video to Nova A.I.

video repurposing with nova

Upload your video content to Nova A.I. video editing dashboard from your computer or directly from YouTube. For YouTube uploads simply just copy and paste the link of your video and it will be downloaded to the editor.

Step 2: Edit Your Video.

edit your videos using nova

Use Nova to edit your videos, polish your ideas. Add subtitles, translate, add music, text, transitions and more..

Step 3: Resize your video for Instagram.

resize your video for instagram using nova

This is an important step. If you don't want your videos to look like they were made by an amateur, you want to resize your video to appropriate dimensions for any social media player. Luckily for you, Nova A.I. has presets for all mainstream platforms, so resizing will become as natural as a click of the mouse. Simply just click settings and select the right parameters from a drop-down menu at the "Size" column. And voila, your trailer for Instagram is ready to download.

Step 4: Resize your video for TikTok.

resize your video for tiktok using nova

Here we go again. After we download our Instagram piece, we make another edit for TikTok. We slice our YouTube video into a 1-minute cooking series for our audience on the infamous short video format platform. And once again, we need to change the dimensions, because TikTok plays videos on a different size video player than YouTube or Instagram.

Your Youtube video is ready to be shared on Instagram and TikTok.

So now we have learned how to quickly repurpose 1 video and deliver more content to 3 different social media channels. How cool is that? Imagine how much simpler your content creation days going to become. All you need is Nova A.I. and a little bit of creativity (wink wink).

Looking for ways to resize your videos?

Resize your videos so you can appropriately repurpose and redistribute your content across various social media platforms using a smart one-click video resizing tool - Nova A.I. Because creating social media content has never been more simple.

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