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Automatically resize your videos using Nova A.I. video cropping pre-sets. You can also resize your video canvas manually.

Resize your videos online

Online Video Cropper

Got videos pending to upload on your social media channels? Having trouble finding the right settings for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter? No wonder. All these social media platforms have video players that support different aspect ratios. Not to mention that the same platforms have different dimension requirements for different format videos. Story and Reels format is designed to fit the whole screen of your phone while normal profile videos are square.

Nova A.I. is designed to automatically resize your videos based on various Social Media requirements, so you don’t have to worry and quickly adapt to any platform you wish to post your videos on. 

Alternatively, you can shape your video canvas manually by dragging little square corners with your mouse cursor. Resizing has never been easier – get the height and width of your video perfect, select output resolution, and more.

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Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

crop your videos automatically

Resize Video

Edit video canvas manually or just select the desired aspect ratio settings from presets in the dropdown menu.

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Export your video in any format that suits your goals.

Watch how to 'add Subtitles to your video' tutorial

Learn how to use Nova A.I. and subtitle your video the easy way. A quick 1-minute video, because that’s all it takes.

Why is it a good idea to resize(crop) your videos, online?

Resizing your video files can be challenging, especially if you’re not a professional video editor. You have to watch tutorials on YouTube just to learn some basic editing skills. But with Nova A.I. there is no reason to waste time because we have the pre-defined settings ready for you. Video cropping can be easily done online, automatically with a simple yet powerful application with an intuitive interface that allows you to create quick edits in a blink of an eye. Forget clogging your computer with heavy software. Forget the hours trying to overcome unfamiliar applications. Make it simple, do it online!

Fit your video to every social media player.

Every social media channel and various different video players support different resolution settings for videos. We understand that it might be frustrating trying to find all the different settings online. This web app allows you to resize your videos with no effort at all. Resize your videos manually, or simply select the most popular settings for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more. Pre-defined settings will tailor your video to fit any type of media player online.

Crop videos for social Media
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Resize without losing quality.

Nova A.I. allows you to maintain the quality of your video’s picture when resizing to match any video specifications. Whether the video was filmed with a camera, phone, tablet or even a webcam, Nova’s video cropper will adapt to any aspect ratio quickly. Maintain HD quality with no effort using Nova A.I.

More than just a video cropper.

Nova A.I. was not built just for resizing your videos. Nova was designed to be a full-on video editing solution. All the necessary editing tools are on the platform. You can cut and trim your videos. Merge different clips together and re-arrange them on Nova’s easy-to-use timeline. You can add music, images, text and more to create stunning video content.

video effects

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Crop your videos with Nova A.I. now!

The quickest way to fit your video to any video player automatically.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Video cropping is simply resizing your video canvas to fit your needs.

You need to resize your videos because various different platforms use different video dimension sizes. So in short if you want your video to fit Instagram or Youtube nicely, you need to crop your videos nicely.

No, Nova A.I. does much more things, such as merging your videos together, adding subtitles and much more.

Simply just click settings and select your preferences from a dropdown menu right under the “size” option.

Video Cutter – usually refers to the traditional scissor or knife tool on VES. With cutters you can basically cut up your video timeline precisely at whatever time you want.

Video Trimmer – Usually refers to a tool that allows you to edit the duration of your video by adjusting both ends of the timeline.

Video Cropper – Usually refers to a tool that allows you to adjust the visual size of the video, the aspect ratio or remove the unwanted visual edges on the image itself. Usually you’re cropping the aspect ratio of your video display to, for example, make it square (1:1) or 4:3 etc. This has nothing to do with the timeline.

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