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Learn How to Make a Photo Slideshow Video Using Nova A.I.

Creating a slideshow photo video has never been more simple. In this example, we will teach you how to use Nova A.I. video editing software as a photo video maker to quickly make professional-looking photo videos in just a few steps keeping things as simple as possible.

Creating a photo video for your Social Media channel

Suppose you're an Instagram model who just got a sick photoshoot and you just can't wait to share these slick moments with your audience.

Step #1: Gather your media files

First and foremost, decide which photos are you going to use. This step is extremely important and will probably take most of your time. Nonetheless, it cannot be overlooked, because the video will only be as good as the images themselves. After you gather your images, decide what type of other media your video might need. Maybe a brand logo, or music? Maybe some text? In this case, we are using three media types:

  • Images (for this example we found some cool royalty-free stock images from Pexels)
  • Branding logo (personal archives)
  • Music (we got our royalty-free soundtrack from

Step #2: Upload your files to Nova A.I. creative studio

Nova's super-friendly user interface allows you to quickly upload your media files. Simply just navigate to the "Media" panel and add an image to your video timeline within seconds. In this example, we will be using the "Upload image" and "Upload music" buttons. You can click to open your library and select your file or if you got the file ready, simply just drag and drop.

Step #3: Select an appropriate aspect ratio

With the Nova A.I. platform, you can easily adapt your video to fit any social media video player display size. In this case, we are using Instagram's post settings - square (1:1) size. To make your video fit this size simply click on the "Settings" panel and select 'Instagram post" setting from the "Size" dropdown menu.

select from presets

Step #4: Arrange your files into a cool photo video sequence

After you upload your files, navigate to the timeline and easily arrange them into a nice video. Make sure your images change in sync with the beat, so the flow of your video is seamless, smooth, and cool. Our finished timeline looks like this:

Pro tip: Click on the zoom-out icon to reveal more space on the timeline.

control the timeline of your video

Drag the sides of the tracks to lengthen or shorten the time it takes to display an image or play music.

extend and shorten your images

When you're done click the export button and download your video.

export your videos

Step #4: Share it with your audience

Open up your Instagram profile and share the video with your audience. Promote with your friends, family and across other social media channels.

Bottom line

As you can see, Nova A.I. is a simple, yet powerful solution allowing you to quickly create slick photo videos with minimal effort. You can replicate the same process to make photo videos for any type of social media channel, your modeling portfolios, holiday slideshow videos, and more. If you want, you can also add text to your video. Perhaps, a poetic quote could boost the engagement of your video. You're only limit is your own imagination.

Are you ready to create your first aesthetic photo video?

Now that you know how to use our photo video maker it's time to put what you've learned to practice. So, if you want to test out our simple yet powerful video editing tool, sign up for our platform commitment free, now.

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