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Breathe life into your images using Nova A.I. photo video maker. Turn your photos into videos online and share them with family, friends, and followers.

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Online Image compilation video maker.

We all have hundreds, if not thousands, of images, silently hibernating in our pockets. Why not wake them up and turn them into beautiful video stories that you can share with your friends and family?

Simply upload your images to Nova’s creative studio and start editing straight from your browser. Use Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more. No software download is needed.

Make digital photo albums with Nova A.I. photo video maker. Compile your photos into beautiful video collages, and add music or text.

Nova A.I. is designed to democratize video editing for all. Make stunning videos with just a few clicks. All online, no video editing experience is needed.

1. Use your photos and images
Upload photos and images from your photo library to make a personal photo video.

2. Stock photo collection
On your NOVA A.I. account, you have access to an extensive collection of stock media assets, including millions of photos. Search for the photos and images you need for your specific project.

How to create a photo video online?

NOVA A.I. is a simple-to-use video editor, and with just a few clicks, you can start creating your unique photo videos.

  • Upload your images

    To start creating photo videos, first log in to your NOVA A.I. account. When on the dashboard, click “Create project” and upload your first photo or choose a photo from the NOVA A.I. stock media library. Once your project is started, you can add more photos by entering the ‘Media’ section and ‘Upload image’ or by searching and selecting stock images.

  • Arrange your photos

    When you have added all the photos you want in your video, you can move them around, crop and resize them, decide how long each should play for, add transitions between the photos, add background music, text, and more.

  • Export & publish

    When you are pleased with your photo compilation video, export it to your computer, and your creation is ready to share!

Share photo videos with your loved ones

Share your best memories with loved ones through captivating photo videos. With our intuitive photo video maker, you can effortlessly transform your precious pictures into a heartfelt visual narrative that resonates with those closest to you. Learn how to make a video with pictures in just a few simple steps, adding personalized touches and music to create a truly memorable and touching experience. Preserve your special moments in a format that can be easily shared and treasured for years to come. Try our photo video maker today and share the love!
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Presentations and achievements

Creating photo videos can contribute to building a digital portfolio or online presence, showcasing personal achievements, interests, and creative endeavours. By curating and sharing photo videos on social media platforms, personal websites, or professional networks, individuals can establish a digital footprint that highlights their skills, experiences, and passions. Whether you are making an educational video or a timeline video showing your achievements, photo videos can help you reach your audience and potentially open up new networking and collaboration opportunities.

Stay creative with your Image Compilation videos

Creating photo videos can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools. Nova A.I. offers you a unique set of tools and features that allow you to quickly compile your photos and images into beautiful video stories and collages. Whether you want to perpetuate a special birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, a bachelorette party, or the growth of your child, Nova A.I. got you covered. Add creative transitions, filters, text, background music, and more. Transform your pictures into a living piece of art and share it with your friends!
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Why is it a good idea to make photo videos using Nova A.I.?

NOVA A.I.’s user-friendly interface and simple yet powerful features make it both fun and simple to make viral video promos focused directly towards your target audience. Our powerful yet simple software is designed specifically to make video editing accessible for everyone.


Nova A.I. allows you to enhance your video mood by adding beautiful colour filters. It’s simple and doesn’t require any programming or editing skills.


Nova A.I. allows you to make photo videos without breaking the bank. Upload multiple images with just a few simple clicks. Start now for FREE – no commitment is required. Plus, improve your portfolio with images from our vast stock library.


With NOVA A.I., you are not only able to upload recorded voiceovers to videos, but you can also create realistic-sounding voices to narrate your picture stories with our AI-powered voiceover generator and simply add it to your video.


Make your photo videos more exciting by adding transitions between the images. Make a picture fade away, pop out from another picture, or slide in from the side or from above. Adding transitions to photo videos are now a quick task.


Nova A.I. comes with a bundle of various video tools, including an audio editing toolbox. You can add music to your photo video with just a single click of a button.


Make your photo videos more exciting by adding transitions between the images. Make a picture fade away, pop out from another picture, or slide in from the side or from above. Adding transitions to photo videos are now a quick task.


Planning for a karaoke party? Why not make your photo video into a karaoke video with background music and lyrics? Use our video editor to create karaoke videos effortlessly.

Let’s subtitle your videos together!

Useful tools:

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Create your Image videos using Nova A.I. now!

The easiest way to create a breathtaking image video compilation in no time.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

A photo video is a video made out of a compilation of photos or images playing one after the other and often without any actual video footage in the video. Photo videos can have music, text and more.

It’s pretty simple.

1. Upload your image files.
2. Edit the parameters, cut & trim.
3. Merge multiple images, create collages.
4. Add music, voice narrative or sound effects.
5. Add text if needed.
6. Set the correct aspect ratio for any social media platform or media player.
7. Export.

Share it with your friends and family.

You can upload an unlimited amount of images to the platform. Nova A.I. does not restrict your files as long as you do not exceed the upload GB allowance. Note that your video length depends on your plan as well.

Nova A.I. offers you a wide variety of simple yet powerful editing tools. You can even merge videos with images to make your photo-video more exciting.

It doesn’t have to when you have the right tools. Nova’s easy drag & drop interface will allow you to quickly create professional-looking videos in no time. Spend no time learning complex software. No editing experience is needed.

That is totally up to you. Pick the best images from your holiday, a party or any other event and choose the length you feel appropriate. Note that the attention span of people is tightening up every year due to enormous amount of content consumption via internet, so we would recommend to keep your photo videos under 2 minutes long.

Yes, you definitely can. In the ‘Media’ panel, you can upload audio files or search for stock music.
Absolutely, you can add text within the ‘Text’ panel, upload a text file or even have NOVA A.I. automatically generate subtitles for your video.
You can keep adding and moving around pictures in the video as much as you want until you are ready to export. Enter the ‘Media’ panel and click ‘Upload Image’ or search for stock images in our extensive stock media library within the same panel.

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