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Create thrilling intro clips for your videos online using Nova A.I. – no installation is needed.

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Online intro video maker.

Use Nova A.I. to create a stunning intro video for your next project. Whether that’d be a podcast on youtube, a fitness training video IGTV or a scientific experiment video for TikTok. Having a nice intro is always a good way to grab your viewers’ attention and keep them engaged.

Increase your authority online, add a nice thumbnail or any other type of image, upload some royalty-free music to set the mood and your viewers will be pleased with your professionalism.

Nova A.I. is a simple online editing tool, so no editing experience and no software download is needed. Work directly from any browser including Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more.

Cut, Trim and resize your videos with just a single click of a button. Add music and subtitles in over 40 languages. Export in high quality and set your video “like” and “subscribe” metrics flaming on fire.

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Upload your clips

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

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Edit with your favourite tools

Pick the best tools to create attention-grabbing introductions for your videos.

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Export your videos

When you're done with the edits, simply export and share it with your audience.

Watch how to make 'Intro video' tutorial

Learn how to use Nova A.I. to create an intro video the easy way. A quick 1-minute video, because that’s all it takes.

Grab your audiences attention with a stunning introduction

It’s not a secret that the attention span of a regular viewer has dropped significantly. Applications like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts have made things very difficult for every video creator. The first 5 seconds of your video is where the user decides to keep watching your video or continue swiping. But fear not, Nova A.I. is equipped with simple yet powerful video editing tools allowing to create those thumb-stopping introduction videos effortlessly.

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Crop videos for social Media

Create cool video intros for any type of social media platform.

Various Social Media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are very popular for sharing your videos with a wide audience to see. Nonetheless, they all distribute videos in different ways. The technical requirements differ from platform to platform. Nova A.I. allows you to shape your videos to fit any Social Media player instantly using variety of predefined settings just a single click away!

Position yourself in a professional way.

Creating nice intro videos for your videos is the same as wearing funky outfits to a Met Gala event. You want to stand out and catch the viewer’s eye from the very first second they set eyes on your video. Therefore, introducing your videos in a creative way is a good way to keep your audience excited and engaged. Also, it can serve as a cool way of branding your video content. Do not hesitate – position yourself and your videos as “professional” – as funky as possible.

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Useful Tools:

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Create your Intro Videos with Nova A.I. now!

The easiest way to dress up your video for an online video Met Gala event”.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

There is so much content in the internet these days. It’s only natural that you would make your videos as presentable as possible. Especially in this day and age where video editing is accessible for everyone at home. It is extremely important to stay competitive and consistently put out quality videos that your audience could recognize and relate to.

Intro video is usually what you see the very first minutes of a movie. An introduction to your topic. A little about your video. Quite often it would contain a lot of branding pieces so the audience could recognize who made that video.

It can be funny and it can be serious, but what makes every intro fun is music. 

Put a short musical piece into your video and we guarantee your videos will come out much more entertaining and engaging. 

First make your intro video. After that upload your original video and merge them both together! Simply just move around the elements inside the timeline, cut or trim unnecessary parts and you’re done!

Intro maker allows you to capture the viewers attention from the very first second of your video. Allows you to make your content recognizable and branded. It also allows you to introduce your video in a way that your viewers would be thrilled to sit the remaining minutes of the video with excitement.

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