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Powerful Video & Audio Recognition Software

Unleash Nova A.I.'s analyzer to effortlessly navigate and categorize your content's intricacies with cutting-edge video & audio recognition technology. Transform your videos into digital assets.

Content recognition app

Unlock the full potential of your media files with our advanced <strong>content recognition app</strong>, designed to transform your video, picture and audio analysis. Dive deep into your content, extracting hidden metadata effortlessly through cutting-edge image and sound recognition technology. Experience the power of computer vision and deep learning technologies, meticulously crafted to pinpoint and catalogue every crucial moment.

Elevate your video management to unparalleled heights. Our automated analyzer is fueled by the prowess of artificial intelligence and streamlines your workflow, significantly reducing the time and resources spent on manual video logging and retrieval. Embrace the efficiency of Nova’s pre-trained AI models, meticulously engineered to address the most intricate computer vision challenges. With our user-friendly platform, complex programming, tedious labelling, and exhaustive categorizing are things of the past. Step into a world where finding the perfect clip is just a click away; no specialized skills or installations are required. Welcome to the future of content recognition.

Nova A.I. video content analyzer studio available only on request!

If you want to start collecting intelligent video data do not hesitate please contact us now.

Watch how to use our video content recognition tools

Upload your videos

Simply upload your videos for swift, precise content analysis and enhancement. Experience seamless integration with Nova A.I.

Analyze your videos

Analyze video, sound, image, motion, faces, emotion, attributes, and objects to retrieve the hidden video metadata.

Extract your clips

Extract detailed insights from audio, visuals, and motion, enhancing post-production strategy and streamlining your workflows.


Export your findings to your favourite video editing software or save them as a short video clip.

Nova A.I. video content analyzer studio available only on request

If you want to start collecting intelligent video data do not hesitate please contact us for now.

Video facial recognition.

While every face is different, they all have one thing in common – data points. Our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence identifies, labels, and organises these data points. This allows you to dive into a world where unique facial characteristics are seen and understood. Nova deciphers the visual language with unmatched accuracy, from subtle smiles to the boldest expressions, such as anger or fear. Discover the face or expression you need for that exact scene. Experience the future of video editing – where every face tells its story, and every story is effortlessly yours to unfold.

Online Celebrity Identifier.

Nova A.I. follows a worldwide celebrity database, so it knows what they look like. Using our online celebrity identifier means access to a comprehensive global celebrity database. When your celebrity-filled content is successfully analyzed, you will be able to instantly pinpoint the exact moment your chosen icon graces the screen, streamlining your editing process. Not in the spotlight yet? No problem! If you’re aspiring to become a celebrity but are not yet one, you can also train Nova A.I. to recognize your face.

Object and action recognition.

A blend of advanced image and sound recognition allows Nova A.I. to understand when certain events appear in your video. Our state-of-the-art technology understands, distinguishes, and catalogues every object, motion, and scene with unparalleled precision. Whether it's pinpointing a pivotal sports moment or identifying subtle actions like scoring a goal, Nova A.I. offers instant access and deep search capabilities not only within a single video but within your whole content library.

AI sound recognition.

Experience the pinnacle of audio precision with our AI sound recognition technology. Nova excels in identifying and labelling human speech, ensuring no word or phrase escapes its notice across over 100 languages and dialects. Embrace Nova's advanced language model, which makes your videos searchable by spoken words. Enjoy automatic subtitle generation and translation capabilities, elevating your content to unparalleled heights of global engagement.

Your videos will be broken down by different camera shots. Whenever the camera angle or shot changes, your new clip starts.

Camera shots

Camera shots

Your videos will be broken down by different camera shots. Whenever the camera angle or shot changes, your new clip starts.

Facial attributes & expressions

Nova A.I. will create clips based on facial expressions and accessories. Happy, sad, beard, moustache, glasses, and more.

Objects, activities & celebrities

Create clips based on what object or activity appears in your video. For example, cut-out clips where someone plays tennis or a scene where a car appears. Clips will be created where celebrities appear in your video. Nova follows a huge database of celebrities, so that will be an easy task.


Automatically cut videos where a custom person appears. Teach Nova to recognize non-famous persons, for example, you or your friend.

Transcripts (subtitles)


Transcripts (subtitles)

Get rid of explicit content from your video. Moderate your footage with labels such as nudity, alcohol, gambling, and cigarettes, and avoid inappropriate scenes.

Frequently asked questions

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How does Nova recognize non-celebrity people?

Nova’s deep learning technology allows the platform to learn and remember any face. Simply upload an image of a face you want Nova to recognize, and it will. *Fun fact: Nova can recognize even alien faces. Has been tested with various alien movie characters like Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorian”, Paul from “Paul”, and Worf from “Star Trek”

How long does the analysis take?

With Nova, you can analyse 1 hour of video in 10 minutes. If, by any chance, your video is taking longer, send us a message, and we’ll solve the issue instantly. It’s usually a browser hiccup or subscription limitations. All fixable!

Does the recognition work on black & white videos?

We do not want to overpromise anything, and Nova does not work perfectly on B/W. However, we are continuously training the A.I. and this is one of the things we are teaching it how to do.

Do the videos have to be high quality for recognition technology to work?

We would, of course, recommend that the videos be of the best quality possible, but that’s mainly for your viewers. Nova works well even on low-resolution footage, which some of our users working with archival content have already discovered.


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