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AI-Powered Auto Video Cutter

Experience seamless editing with our automatic AI-Powered Video Cutter. Using our video analyzer platform, smartly segment your footage into thematic clips, simplifying your video workflow effortlessly.

Video clip maker

Wave goodbye to tedious manual slicing and dicing. Our AI-Powered Auto Video Cutter revolutionizes your editing process, transforming hours worth of work into minutes. Just upload and let our intelligent algorithms categorize and streamline, turning chaos into creative genius. Find your footage flawlessly organized and instantly accessible. Say no more to the endless hours spent on conventional platforms like Premiere Pro or Da Vinci Resolve. Welcome to a new era where cutting-edge technology meets video editing.

Our AI-Powered Auto Video Cutter isn't just a tool - it's your personal editing wizard. Our tool profoundly understands your video by harnessing the power of advanced machine learning and intricate computer vision, labelling and dissecting your raw footage into neatly organized clips, categorizing faces and objects to categorizing actions and filtering out undesirable content. It's not just about slicing and dicing - it's about intelligent, context-aware editing. Just upload your footage, sit back, and watch the magic unfold. Cutting your videos has never been this smart, swift, or simple.

Nova A.I. video content analyzer studio available only on request!

If you want to start collecting intelligent video data do not hesitate please contact us now.

Watch how to 'cut video automatically' with Nova A.I.

Upload your videos

Easily upload your content and let Nova's AI swiftly prep your video for precise editing magic.

Analyze your video​

Kick back and allow Nova to analyze your video. The software will categorize and label everything that appears in your video. Experience Nova's smart analysis for streamlined editing.

Select Your Parameters

After the analysis process is complete, select the category your scene might be labelled to. Use our intelligent boolean search to find a desired moment by inputting keywords that define your scene. Alternatively, our platform will suggest various labels in the labelling panel, so you can simply just click on these.

Export to VES

Choose your theme, select your confidence parameters, and define the duration - effortlessly extract tailored video content. Export selected clips to your favourite Video Editing Software for further edits.

Nova A.I. video content analyzer studio available only on request

If you want to start collecting intelligent video data do not hesitate please contact us for now.

Save resources and take back time.

Trim the fat, not your budget! Ditch the tedious, manual slicing of footage. Our <strong>AI Auto Video Cutter</strong> is a game-changer, slashing time and costs while boosting efficiency. It's not just about cutting videos - it's about taking back your creative time. With intelligent analysis and precise breakdowns, you invest less and gain more – every clip, every time. Scale swiftly, enhance quality, and let your video teams focus on creativity, not cuts. Make every second count without spending every dime!

Streamline your creative workflow.

Experience seamless integration into your creative process with our AI Video Cutter. Tailored for efficiency, our platform transforms tedious editing into a streamlined, intuitive experience. Say goodbye to redundant over-analysis. Once your footage is explored - instant access to specific scenes across your entire library is at your fingertips. Cutting and refining content becomes effortless. For those seeking simplicity without sacrificing power, our Video Analyzer offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring professional results are just a few clicks away. Elevate your post-production workflows effortlessly.

Categorize your video clips for easy access.

Nova A.I. allows you to cut clips based on certain parameter, for example camera shots, facial attributes, celebrities, collections, transcripts (subtitles), objects & activities, moderated content.

Easily integrate AI processes into your video editing workflows.

Seamlessly enhance your video editing workflow with AI - embrace the automatic video cutter. Simplify your projects by integrating advanced AI processes, ensuring efficient, precise edits with minimal effort. Whether you're trimming, splitting, or merging, our solution adapts to your creative needs, offering unparalleled ease and precision. Elevate your video content now with the power of AI at your fingertips.

Unleash your narrative effortlessly with Nova A.I.'s intuitive interface. Tailored for simplicity, our cutting-edge editor transforms the rookies into experienced storytellers, ensuring every frame is captivating, with no expertise required.

No previous editing experience is needed

No previous editing experience is needed

Unleash your narrative effortlessly with Nova A.I.'s intuitive interface. Tailored for simplicity, our cutting-edge editor transforms the rookies into experienced storytellers, ensuring every frame is captivating, with no expertise required.

Forget video logging process

Say goodbye to the monotony of manual video logging. Our intelligent video cutter streamlines your workflow by sorting content, allowing you to access any moment instantly and focus on creativity, not cuts. Nova A.I. - automatic video logging software.

Increase the ROI of post-production

Streamline your editing workflow with our intelligent cutter, optimizing your post-production time and budget. Effortlessly increase efficiency, magnify output quality, and amplify your post-production ROI.

Retrieve the desired clips instantly

Seamlessly sift through hours of footage with our video content analyzer. Instantly retrieve the exact clips you need, transforming tedious searching into a task of mere moments.

Train your AI

Retrieve the desired clips instantly

Train your AI

Streamline your video editing workflow. Start cutting your footage with the fastest A.I. video cutter online.

Frequently asked questions

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Where can I access Nova A.I.'s AI video cutter?

It's exclusively available via the search engine dashboard.

Can I export clips as video files directly from the video analyzer dashboard?

Yes, there is an option to export your clips as video files with a video analyzer. However, the video analyzer was designed to be used in tandem with external video editing software. If you want to be able to download automatically generated clips, please refer to the automatic clip maker for more information.

Can I cut audio files using the video analyzer?

Unfortunately, you can't in the search engine dashboard at the moment. But Nova A.I. has a transcription service that will recognise voice patterns in your video. If you want to cut your audio files, you need to use our video editing dashboard.

How does Nova cut videos automatically?

Nova is designed using various artificial intelligence technologies that will inspect and dissect your video to detail. During the analysis process, the software labels all the events, objects and people that are happening on your video and saves them as intelligent metadata that can be retrieved instantly when using a computer vision search engine. Then, you just need to select the timestamps of the clips you need and export them to your video editing dashboard.


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