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Efficient video annotation

Use A.I. to automatically log your content. Streamline your video content annotation process and can scale your video strategy quickly.

Intelligent video logging software

Nova A.I. analyses and logs your videos automatically, saving you time and resources. Nova’s internal research discovered that manually logging videos takes up to 3 times more time than using Artificial Intelligence. For example Hulu streaming service has 43,000 hours of content, which manually would take up to 129,000 to log the entire library. With Nova A.I. that could be done in 7166 hours. How cool is that? Streamline your current video workflow. Increase output. Improve quality.

Nova’s users range from global broadcasters and media conglomerates to video archives, trailer production companies, freelance editors, wedding videographers and YouTubers. Infographic below displays how much resources production companies would hypothetically spend trying to log their whole content with and without Nova A.I.

Log your video metadata into the following categories:

1. Shots – breakdown your videos into camera shots automatically. When the camera position or angle changes your video will automatically sliced into separate clips.
2. Faces & Expressions – peoples faces in the video will be dissected and indexed by facial expressions, emotions and attributes.
3. Objects & Activities – Every activity on your video will be labeled and categorised.
4. Celebrities – every famous face in your content will be identified and indexed, so you can find them instantly.
5. Collections – Train the AI to find your face or your friends or any other face you might be working with, so you can quickly identify scenes where the new face appears.
6.Transcriptions – identify and log speech, sentences and words. You can access any word within the entire library.
7. Moderated Label – identifies explicit content like gambling, smoking ,drinking, violence and other, so you can remove it from your video.

Nova A.I. video content analyzer studio available only on request!

If you want to start collecting intelligent video data do not hesitate please contact us now.

How to 'log your videos using AI'?

Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Video Analyzer.

Analyze your video

Nova A.I. analyses all scenes in your videos and labels everything that happens in micro-detail.

Search and find

Your videos are now 100% searchable so you can find anything in them by simply typing what you’re looking for.


Export the selected moments directly into any other standard video editing software and start editing your videos.

Nova A.I. video content analyzer studio available only on request

If you want to start collecting intelligent video data do not hesitate please contact us for now.

Forget manual video annotation.

Forget the long hours spent watching and tagging your content. Have your videos automatically analysed and logged by an efficient A.I. Extract digital data instantly. Just type the keywords resembling what you’re looking for in our boolean search and Nova will find the scenes for you. Data is categorised by auto or custom criteria.

Make order from disorder.

Transform your raw video footage into A.I. ready, searchable digital assets. Master simple tools that increases efficiency. Organize your entire content archive. Use high-quality, state-of-the-art tools that won’t miss a single event, data point or pixel. Improve your video editing workflows with Nova A.I.

Get to what matters at speed.

Experience automated access to your entire video library. Follow the flags highlighted on the timeline and see who or what appears, when and where. Create custom templates, labels and edit transcriptions if needed. Forget notebooks, sticky notes, markers Surfing your content has never been more comfortable and easy.

Compatible with your favourite video editing software.

Integrating Nova A.I. with leading editing software like Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve is remarkably seamless, making it a boon for video editing professionals. Nova's AI-powered annotation tool excels at video logging tasks, offering advanced video analyzer capabilities and an instant boolean search function. This integration not only streamlines the editing workflow but also significantly speeds up clip retrieval.

Accelerate the editing process by simplifying video logging and clip retrieval tasks. Streamline your editing workflow, leading to higher productivity levels.

Enhance your workflow efficiency

Enhance your workflow efficiency

Accelerate the editing process by simplifying video logging and clip retrieval tasks. Streamline your editing workflow, leading to higher productivity levels.

AI-powered annotation

Automate the annotation process, save time and reduce manual effort.

Improve project management

Organize video content efficiently, making it easier to manage large projects.

Cost efficient solution for any editor

Reduce the need for additional resources and tools for video logging and annotation.

Enhance colaboration

Cost efficient solution for any editor

Enhance colaboration

Designed with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require extensive training.

Frequently asked questions

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Why should I chose Nova A.I. to log my videos?

Think of Nova as your new studio friend who helps you to overcome the most time-consuming tasks and gives you incredible support in finding those diamond moments for your next viral project fast.

What if my videos are low resolution?

Nova A.I. runs on a sophisticated cocktail of visual and audio recognition technologies that are able to recognise what you are looking for even on a low res footage.

What labels are used for?

Digital tags and labels are used to quickly navigate your content library. Once your data is indexed, every moment of your content library becomes available to you at just a simple click of a button. How convenient is that?!

Why do I need automatic labelling?

Manual video logging is time-consuming. 1 hour of footage can easily take +3 hours to log. With Nova A.I. automated logging technology you can log 1 hour of content in 10 minutes.

What is video annotation?

Video annotation is the frame-by-frame process of labelling or tagging various digital events that appear in your video. Computer Vision is able detect and identify all objects, movements, people, faces etc.


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