Efficient video annotation

Use A.I. to automatically log your content. Streamline your video content annotation process and can scale your video strategy quickly.

Disney is using Nova for video recognition
DPG media uses nova for image and audio recognition
NBCUniversal is using nova for video annotation
Nordic Entertainment is using nova for video logging
Nova is using Nova for celebrity recognition
NPO is using nova for video cloud storage
svt is using nova for automatic transcriptions

Intelligent video logging.

Nova A.I. analyses and logs your videos automatically, saving you time and costs. Streamline your current workflow. Increase output. Improve quality.

access your media files instantly


Faces & Expressions






Objects & Activities


Cut out explicit scenes automatically
  • Upload Your Video

    Upload your video(s) to Nova A.I.

  • Analyse Your Video

    Nova A.I. analyses all scenes in your videos and labels everything that happens in micro-detail.

  • Search and Find

    Your videos are now 100% searchable so you can find anything in them by simply typing what you’re looking for. For example, type ‘Tom Cruise + Helicopter + Angry’ and instantly be shown exactly where scenes fitting that combination are.

  • Export

    Export the selected moments directly into any other standard video editing software and start editing your videos.

Who can benefit the most from automatic video logging?

Nova’s users range from global broadcasters and media conglomerates to video archives, trailer production companies, freelance editors, wedding videographers and YouTubers. Infographic below displays how much resources production companies would hypothetically spend trying to log their whole content with and without Nova A.I. 

Technology can help us find specific people, words, and images in our content in a short amount of time. If you can’t find the footage, then you can’t use it. A.I. can enable you to see what you don’t normally see. Especially when dealing with large amounts of content. Some of my clients have over 30,000 hours of footage. It’s critical to be able to find and create more creative opportunities with what you already have.

Marc Calamia


CEO @ Sageworx

In this digital age we all have big video archives just on our phones. 30,000 hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube every hour. We are all film directors and archivists of our own. It’s amazing the libraries people have, let alone if you’re a business. The amount of content just keeps growing. Trying to find what you got in your libraries, assess it, and review it is a huge challenge.

Lester Mordue


Director of Promax Europe



A.I. powered automated data tagging system.



Lightning fast video meta-data retrieval.



Affordable software to organize your entire content library.

automatically add labels to your video

Forget manual video annotation.

 Forget the long hours spent watching and tagging your content. Have your videos automatically analysed and logged by an efficient A.I.

Instantly extract data. Just type what you’re looking for and Nova will find the scenes for you. Data is categorised by auto or custom criteria.


Make order from disorder.

Transform your raw video files into A.I. ready, searchable digital assets. Master simple tools to efficiently organize your content and archive.

Use high quality tools that won’t miss a single event, data point or pixel.

cut your videos instantly
access your media files instantly

Get to what matters at speed.

Experience automated access to your entire video library. Follow the flags highlighted on the timeline and see who or what appears, when and where.

 Surfing your content made comfortable and easy.

Create custom templates, labels and edit transcriptions if needed. All can be performed directly within the platform.

Start labelling your library now!

Enhance your videos with rich digital data.



Improve your video workflows.



Surf your labels with ease using Nova’s powerful search engine.


Save time

Automate the labelling process. Find the desired moments at a click of a button.



Organize your content automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nova

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Video annotation is the frame-by-frame process of labelling or tagging various digital events that appear in your video. Computer Vision is able detect and identify all objects, movements, people, faces etc.

Manual video logging is time-consuming. 1 hour of footage can easily take +3 hours to log. With Nova A.I. automated logging technology you can log 1 hour of content in 10 minutes.

Digital tags and labels are used to quickly navigate your content library. Once your data is indexed, every moment of your content library becomes available to you at just a simple click of a button. How convenient is that?!

Nova A.I. runs on a sophisticated cocktail of visual and audio recognition technologies that are able to recognise what you are looking for even on a low res footage.

Think of Nova as your new studio friend who helps you to overcome the most time-consuming tasks and gives you incredible support in finding those diamond moments for your next viral project fast.

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