Nova A.I. is Proud to be an AWS Media Intelligence solutions technology partner.

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Nova is powered by an AWS AI services

AWS MI can process and analyze media assets to automatically generate metadata from images, video, and audio content for downstream workloads at scale.


Amazon Rekognition

Image and Video Analysis.


 Amazon Transcribe

Subtitling & Localization.


Amazon Comprehend 

Natural language comprehension.

Nova's structure

The diagram illustrates the platforms analysis and generation process in NOVA. The platform takes advantage of a serverless architecture.

aws technology architecture

⊳ Using NOVA, creatives are able to find anything in their video in just a few seconds. People, emotional characteristics (e.g., romance, sadness), objects, activities, words and shot types (e.g., wide shot, black-frames, titles). A set of labels and template queries are provided out of the box but can be extended by customers with a review process powered by Amazon Augmented AI.

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Cutting-edge content utility technology provided by AWS enhanced by Nova A.I.

The backend uses a number of AWS AI/ML services including Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Transcribe to gain insights of the video content, AWS Step Functions to manage the workflow, and AWS Elemental MediaConvert to transcode and create proxy assets. Nova A.I. then apply their own technology to identify areas of interest and footage that can then be used to create trailers, promos and short form video clips based on different business requirements.

Maximize your media potential with AWS

With AWS, you have access to a range of options including AWS Technology and Consulting Partners and open source projects that help you get started with AWS Media Intelligence.