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Merge your audio files online using our web-based video editor.

Merging audio, online

Nova A.I. is designed to edit your audio files directly online. If you need to combine two audio files, or cut unwanted parts out of the audio and merge them back together Nova A.I. is the tool for you.

Creating a soundtrack for your movie has never been more simple.

Edit audio files the same way you would edit your videos. A simple user interface will easily allow you to shorten songs, edit audio podcasts, remove unwanted noises, shorten the pauses, control volume and more. Forget long hours learning complex audio editing software like Ableton Live. No additional training is needed. 

Merge any mainstream audio files such as MP3, WAV, AAC and more.

Upload audio files to the platform

Upload your Audio Files

Upload your audio file to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

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Place two audio files next to each other.

export your videos

Export your Audio

Export your audio edits for further use or share with your audience.

Why is it a good idea to merge your audio files online?

Merging your audio files with professional audio editing software takes a lot of time, especially if you’re not that familiar with the interface. Nova A.I. allows you to bypass this challenge by offering you a simple audio editing tool that can merge your files in a blink of an eye with no prior training needed. Nova’s intuitive interface helps users to quickly adapt and learn how to use the software so they can create art quickly.

Secure, web-based audio joiner.

 Forget installation, software downloads, and slow device because your computer is clogged. The tool is hosted on secure Amazon cloud servers and works directly within your browser. Use it on Windows, Mac or Linux. Perfect for remote working. As long as you’re connected to the internet, all you have to worry about is uploading your audio file.

best audio joiner online

Combine multiple audio tracks into one.

Create dramatic audio tracks by creatively overlapping your soundtracks. Create depth, add layers of sound, add background music, street noise, restaurant noise, various sound effects, speech and more. Control the volume of your sounds to create a sense of space. Combine all your sounds into one beautiful sound symphony and stun your audience.

More than just an audio joiner.

While merging your audio files is pretty cool itself it’s not the only thing Nova A.I. can do. You can easily combine your audio with video, add special effects, stick labels and callouts, brand your videos with logos and thumbnails, add and edit subtitles, and captions, edit the volume, add video transitions, and much more. Nova A.I. is designed for busy creatives that want to produce professional-looking videos quickly.

improve video engagement with subtitles

Simple Yet Powerful Online Audio Joiner

Do not hesitate and start merging your audio files using Nova A.I. now – save time.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nova

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Simply upload your audio file to our platform. Edit your audio file as you would edit your video. Cut & trim directly within the audio track timeline.

Move your audio files around on the timeline, and create another audio track so you can overlap your elements. As simple as that.

Nova A.I. video cutter supports all mainstream audio files such as MP3, VAW, AIFF and more. If by any chance your file is not supported, do not hesitate drop a message into our chatbox and we will try to resolve it for you as soon as possible.

When you remove or add certain parts of your audio it means that you remove or add audio data from or to the file. This essentially results in a decrease or increase of the filesize as that file does not carry the same sample of audio data anymore.

There is no difference. These names are used to describe the tool that perform the same action.

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