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Nova's release notes

The historical log of Nova’s various updates and improvements. If you’re missing a feature we are happy to develop it for you. Please visit the upvoting platform to submit a feature.

July 2022 - December 2022

You can now edit the style of a single word individually.

We have improved our platform. Now you can transcribe audio files. Nova supports all major audio files such as MP3, WAV.

We have updated the design for our platform. You can now enjoy even more user-friendly UX and visual appearance.

To your convenience we have added hotkeys, so you can produce your videos faster.

Now you can add various elements to your video. Including stickers, emojis, call to actions, call outs, mainstream logos and more.

Now you can upload subtitles to Nova A.I. automatically. Supported files including SRT, VTT, TXT.

Now Nova A.I. supports VTT Subtitle format.

Now subtitles are placed correctly after downloading a subtitle file and uploading to your video.

Now you can scroll the timeline horizontally on Windows.

TikTok videos now upload correctly.

YouTube videos now upload with sound.

We have separated video editing and video search platforms. If you’re looking for a search engine please contact us.

December 2021 - July 2022

From Now You can:

1. Edit Your Videos
2. Cut, Trim & Merge your video clips.
3. Add Subtites, translate in over 40 different languages.
4. Add Captions, edit styles.
5. Add various creative transitions.
6. Add stickers, emojis and other elements.
7. Resize your videos to fit any type of video player.
8. Speed up and slow down your video.
9. Add music or sound effects to your video.
10. Upload a logo, thumbnail or other pictures or images.

November - December 2021

Now you can edit your subtitles directly on the timeline.

Time estimation has now been fixed and shows precise time left until a certain action is done.

We improved our video loading speed. Videos now loading faster than ever.

Users can now cancel the translation process.

You now have two separate buttons to download text subtitles and subtitles imprinted with video.

The timeline now has a needle so you can precisely see where you are in your video.

We have set up a new guide for you so it would be easy for you to navigate our platform.

We are constantly improving the way we communicate with you. Our welcoming was never warmer.

Now Nova A.I. doesn’t crash when heavily editing / deleting the subtitles.

Google Sign Up + email Sign Up bug fix. After logging in stuck on a landing page.

We fixed timeline active hotspot (selected items) indicator.

October 2021

Now you can translate your video & audio transcripts and subtitles to over 40 different languages.

You can now choose the time when you want your specific subtitle card to appear in your video.

You can now add a custom Subtitle card to your timeline, for example if you have two sentences in the same card, you are now able to split it in two different cards, saving the space on your video.

September 2021

You can now download your selected labels and moments as either one video file or as individual clips (mp4). No additional software needed. Choose whether the video should be in chronological order or random.

Email verification now works as usual.

When uploading larger volumes of video transcription used to freeze. Fixed and running smoothly.

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Danish
  3. Mandarin Chinese
  4. Thai
  5. New Zealand English / South African English
  6. Estonian

“Subtitles in progress” is displayed instead of “Burning in progress”. 

If the file isn’t uploading for a specific reason such as special characters or symbols – notification message added to display.

Files used to just duplicate and never get through the upload process.

Subtitling button now appears when you just log in to the software, rather than just in transcript panel.

August 2021

The button did not work properly. 

Google was auto-generating generic user emails when registered using “Google Sign In” button.

Subtitle preview window was not responsive when using non-standard video dimensions (like vertical phone footage). Resulting in hidden download button, therefore making the subtitled video unavailable to download.

When the transcoding process comes to an end, the platform does not react and freezes the media player.

When clicked on “Start Burning Subtitles” button, occasionally it did not work. 

Nova A.I. undergoes constant improvement to be as user friendly as possible. Therefore Sign In with Google was the next logical step in streamlining the signup and confirming your account process. Saving you some extra time. 

As Nova A.I. is progressing and implementing new features, we feel that it is crucial to install new, better designs to make the platform not only useful, but also, fun to use.

#1. Sign In window design update.
#2. Pricing page design update.

Nova A.I. offers a free analysis test ride without subscribing to any of our plans. Every new user has 5 minutes of video to upload for free. When the 5 minutes of analysis expires, in order to use the platform further, the user must enter a Free-trial mode by confirming their details or subscribe to a paid “Pro” plan.

The possibility to type in the starting timecode of the original footage, so that the exported timecodes from Nova are matched up with the original footage when importing into other editing software

July 2021

You can now upload and transcribe mainstream audio files. Export the transcriptions as a text file for further use.

Added an SFTP upload option via “Video Dashboard” window for better UX.

Bug #1: Every time Subtitles (in Video Dashboard) and Burn Subtitles (in Subtitles modal window) are clicked a Console error in back-end occurs.
Bug #2: Preview video is modal window, remains the first you chose and no other video can be selected.
Bug #3: Downloaded version of subtitled video is correct in font size, but always blue coloured subtitles.
Bug #4: After a video finishes loading a Console error in back-end occurs when burning subtitles.

Bug #1: Celebs disappear after selecting an emotion.

To your convenience, PromoMii’s team have installed a “Burn Subtitles” feature. Now you can hardcode subtitles into your video directly on the platform. You can also edit your subtitles inside the platform. No editing experience needed. 

Bug #1: First 13 seconds of subtitles in the text file was shown at the end of the file rather than at the beginning.
Bug #2: .srt import to Adobe Premiere failed due to headline error.

Bug #1: Under a condition of 3 search parameters selected, deleting no 1. resulted in deleting all 3.
Bug #2: Inability to deselect a moderated label.

June 2021

A video has been pre-uploaded to Nova for new users so they can test the platform without their own material. You can now learn how to use the software without needing to subscribe first. When ready, you can upload your own video and put your A.I. credits to best use.

Issues deselecting some labels have been fixed.

May 2021

A message saying that the video list is empty was displayed even though a video was uploaded and analysed.

Filenames that included characters like @ – $ – / – ^ or special language letters like Ś – Š – Ž was not supported by Nova.

The PromoMii team understands that every video professional has different needs. Nova now allows you to gather various labels and create custom templates to get better search results tailored specifically to you and your needs.

Nova has finally arrived as a platform for everyday users as a self-sign-up software. Fully functioning and available on monthly or yearly subscription plans.