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Create a-grade YouTube videos with a single click of a button using Nova A.I. All-in-one online editing solution, no installation needed.

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Online YouTube video maker

Make your videos go from “meh” to “wow” in seconds! With our cutting-edge technology, you can create captivating intros that leave a lasting impression. Add music, images, text and icons and say goodbye to dull openings and hello to engaging content.

Boost your YouTube presence, gain subscribers, and skyrocket your views, likes, and shares. With our YouTube video maker, you can cut, trim, and merge clips seamlessly. Add your branding touch, resize for any platform, make a YouTube video intro and enhance the vibe with music and sound effects.

And here’s some more magic: captivate a global audience with subtitles and translations in over 100+ languages. Get ready to take the YouTube world by storm with our user-friendly YouTube video maker. It’s time to make your channel shine!

Tired of clunky software? Our YouTube video maker lets you create stunning videos right in your browser, no downloads required! Whether you’re crafting intros or full videos, Nova A.I. streamlines the process. Say goodbye to complex software and hello to quick, hassle-free video creation. With the time you’ll save, focus on growing your YouTube channel and engaging with subscribers. Nova A.I. is your ticket to effortless YouTube video editing – start today and make your channel stand out!

How to edit YouTube video, online?

Adding subtitles to your video with Nova A.I. is a breeze. Use our platform to turn tedious tasks into one-click miracles. A more engaged audience is just a click away!

  • Upload your files

    Upload your media files to Nova A.I. creative studio. All major media files are supported - also large file sizes and long video clips. Upload video, image, audio and import stock footage from our iStock by Getty Images library.

  • Edit your videos

    Use Nova's simple, but powerful tools, and presets to turn your unrefined content into YouTube stars. Brand your content and make it recognizable anywhere.

  • Export, share and promote

    When you're done, just download your videos, and upload them to YouTube. Start sharing with your followers and watch your numbers grow.

Create viral YouTube video content

Elevate your YouTube game with our YouTube video editor – the perfect editor for creating viral video content. Dive into the domain where simplicity meets professionalism; create catchy YouTube videos online effortlessly and make your channel trendy. With our scope of user-friendly tools, editing YouTube videos online is now a breeze. Seize your time, trance your audience, and watch your channel activity soar to unseen heights! Our online YouTube editing software is your ticket to creating viral-quality content.
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YouTube Short Video Maker

Amplify your impact

Ever dreamed of becoming a YouTuber? Make your video message resonate deeply with our YouTube editor. Create captivating narratives, carving out a medium of your own amongst an ultra-competitive digital landscape. With our online YouTube editing software, you’ll transcend the ordinary and redefine engagement. It’s not just about editing; it’s about orchestrating a digital imprint that echoes your influence. Your journey towards compelling storytelling begins here – where once just a vision turns into a successful YouTuber lifestyle.

Increase your video reach

Did you know that a lot of videos these days are watched on mute? People watch videos in public spaces, on buses, on the metro, on trains, in waiting rooms, silent libraries and coffee shops. Not to talk about those with hearing difficulties. More and more people are choosing to watch videos without sound. And with our editor add subtitles to YouTube video easily, ensuring your video speaks volumes even on mute, reaching all sorts of audiences. Seize your current viewers’ attention and make your content a universal dialogue to thousands more.

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YouTube Short Video Maker

Build a community

Did you know that a lot of videos these days are watched on mute? People watch videos in public spaces, on buses, on the metro, on trains, in waiting rooms, silent libraries and coffee shops. Not to talk about those with hearing difficulties. More and more people are choosing to watch videos without sound. And with our editor add subtitles to YouTube video easily, ensuring your video speaks volumes even on mute, reaching all sorts of audiences. Seize your current viewers’ attention and make your content a universal dialogue to thousands more.

Why is it a good idea to edit YouTube videos using Nova A.I.?

Why choose Nova A.I. for your YouTuber video needs? Because we make editing a simple! No more time-consuming, labour-intensive tasks. With all essential editing features in one place, simply log in and start editing in your browser – no software downloads required. We turn the sleepless grind into a enjoyable adventure, so you can focus on what matters most: creating amazing content and growing your YouTube presence. Make the smart choices and simplify your editing today!


Express your stories easily with our YouTube editor. Dive into the realm of powerful video editing tools where your right to your creative freedom is constitutional.


Handle any video format effortlessly, including but not limited to MP4, AVI and MOV. Edit, create, and make YouTube masterpieces without a hitch.


Nova A.I. is where automatic features meet customization. Auto-generate subtitles, manually style your subtitles, auto-translate to multiple languages. Your video, your rules!


When you need that perfect media element for your YouTube video, thumbnail, intro, or outro, Nova A.I. has you covered with our vast iStock by Getty Images library. Explore an expansive collection of stock videos, images, music, and audio effects right at your fingertips.


Inject realistic overdubs into your YouTube videos. Experience the simplicity of our tools and maximise your abilities with our YouTube video maker. Transform mere whispers into compelling dialogues with our Realistic Overdub feature, amplifying your story’s resonance across the digital realm.


Making music videos with Nova A.I. is now extremely simple. Open our Music video maker and create that funky video for your next track directly within your browser.


Nova A.I. is your gateway to bringing every video genre to life. Our extensive array of editing features empowers you to create empowering motivational videos. Start your creative journey today!

Let’s subtitle your videos together!

Tips for YouTube Longs

  • Pick a niche that you’re vastly interested in or invested in. This helps you along the way because you will be making content about things that genuinely interest you.
  • Add nice thumbnail images. It helps to grab the audience’s attention instantly.
  • Use chapter timestamps. It divides your videos into chapters so your audience can navigate your videos easily.
  • Caption your videos. Video captions help to grab viewers’ attention and make them focus on the video. It also makes your videos accessible and inclusive to everyone.
  • Be direct with your audience. Don’t forget to include CTAs in your video, especially if you’re a new and upcoming creator. If you don’t ask for subscriptions, your channel will grow much slower.

Tips for YouTube Shorts

  • Always add music. Music in the background always sets a nice tone for your video. It keeps users engaged.
  • Control your video speed. YouTube allows you to select from 5 different video playback speed settings. Using this, you can create slo-mo and speed-up settings. You can also use Nova A.I. to do the same.
  • Add text to your video. Text grabs attention, therefore, it’s a useful tool to quickly direct your audiences’ focus towards your video.
  • Use colour filters. To make your videos look more professional, use nice colour-correcting filters. When your videos look professional, the viewer will likely continue watching your video.

Useful Tools:

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Create your YouTube videos with Nova A.I. now!

The simple way to monetize your videos on your YouTube channel.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Becoming a top-notch YouTube video editor is difficult, as the industry is oversaturated and very competitive. Begin by mastering the art of visual storytelling. Learn how to edit your videos and then optimize your workflow, learn effects, creative transitions, and sync audio to beat for complete perfection. As you progress, delve into advanced techniques: color correction, shot lists for your shoots, dynamic jump cuts, and b-roll and more. Master your craft and chosen software and watch your video editing powers skyrocket. With dedication and the right tools, you’ll be a YouTube video editing pro in no time.

It’s pretty easy.

  • Upload your video content to Nova A.I. YouTube Video Editor. (From your computer or directly from YouTube/TikTok by copy and pasting the URL)
  • Edit your video, cut & trim, add elements and text.
  • Arrange and merge your clips.
  • Set the correct YouTube aspect ratio.
  • Add music, sync to beat.
  • Add subtitles for engagement.
  • Add a thumbnail image.
  • Add creative text to highlight important parts.
  • Add overdub or an AI voiceover if needed.
  • Export and share with your audience.

And you’re ready to share & promote your video on YouTube.

In case your videos get shared on other mediums, you want to be recognizable across all of them. Having a recognizable product is crucial when monetizing. If you make quality content, you want everyone to know who made it.

YouTube is a very versatile platform. Your video length hugely depends on the format of your video channel. But the recommendation is somewhere between 7-15 minutes long.

There is also a new format of videos called “YouTube Shorts” designed to rival Instagram Reels and TikTok formats. Video length on these should be 60 sec. long.

Nova A.I. is a popular choice of editing software amongst new and upcoming YouTubers. Nova’s simple and intuitive design is a no-brainer when choosing software that will help you quickly create videos.

Nova A.I. is the tool to go when turning your fun ideas into viral YouTube videos. The online video editing software allows you to quickly make videos. A user-friendly interface lets you quickly adapt to the software and make videos right away.

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