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Create a-grade YouTube videos with a single click of a button using Nova A.I. All-in-one online editing solution, no installation needed.

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Online YouTube video maker.

Nova A.I. is an online YouTube video editor that is simple to use and easy to learn, so no previous video editing experience is needed.

Attract new subscribers and get more views, likes and shares. Increase your video output and make your videos inclusive.

Cut, Trim and merge multiple clips. Add branding elements and resize your videos appropriately. Add some fun music or sound effects. Grab everyone’s attention with subtitles and translations in over 40 different languages.

You don’t need to download large software that would clog your computer. Work directly from your browser Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more.

Forget learning complex software, make your YouTube videos quickly and use the newly gained time to market and grow the subscriber base on your channel.

Nova A.I. is designed for you to make video editing for YouTube easy and simple. 

upload your content

Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. creative studio. All major media files are supported.

automatic subtitle maker

Edit your videos

Use Nova's simple, but powerful tools, and presets to turn your unrefined content into YouTube bombs. Brand your content so it would be recognizable anywhere.

export your videos

Export, share & promote

When you're done, just download your videos, and upload them to YouTube. Start sharing with your followers and watch your numbers grow.

Create viral YouTube video content

Use Nova A.I. to make viral YouTube videos in a blink of an eye. All you need is an idea and Nova will take care of the rest. Use a wide range of simple to use tools and create stunning videos that will click with your audience instantly. No learning, no frustration, no mistakes, no fuss. Take full control of your journey as a YouTuber, save time and maximize your effort. Make your channel shine and monetize with a smile.

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YouTube Short Video Maker

Create YouTube Shorts for Younger audiences

Use Nova A.I. to create cool YouTube Shorts for the short-format section of the popular video distribution platform. Supply vertical videos under 60 seconds and increase your reach which essentially will result in growing your YouTube channel much faster. YouTube Shorts are widely accepted and spreading like a wildfire through younger audiences, therefore this format helps you position yourself appropriately for the future.

More than just a YouTube video maker

Even though, with Nova A.I. you can populate your YouTube channel with videos quickly. Whether you’re a video editing pro or a complete beginner, creating popular content with Nova A.I. has never been more simple! Using the platform you can cut, trim and merge your videos. You can instantaneously add subtitles, translate, add emojis and other elements to your video and much more. Nova A.I. is a simple to use, end-to-end  (online) video editing software designed for busy creatives.

video effects

Tips for YouTube Longs

Pick a niche that you’re vastly interested in or invested in. This helps you along the way because you will be making content about things that genuinely interest you. 
Add nice thumbnail images
. It helps to grab the audience’s attention instantly.
Use chapter timestamps. It divides your videos into chapters so your audience can navigate your videos easily.
Caption your videos. Video captions help to grab viewers’ attention and make them focus on the video. It also makes your videos accessible and inclusive to everyone.
Be direct with your audience. Don’t forget to include CTAs in your video, especially if you’re a new and upcoming creator. If you don’t ask for subscriptions your channel will grow much slower.

Tips for YouTube Shorts

Always add music. Music in the background always sets a nice tone for your video. It keeps users engaged.
Control your video speed. YouTube allows you to select from 5 different video playback speed settings. Using this you can create slo-mo and speed-up settings. You can also use Nova A.I. to do the same.
Add text to your video. Text grabs attention, therefore it’s a useful tool to quickly direct your audiences’ focus towards your video.
Use colour filters. To make your videos look more professional use nice colour-correcting filters. When your videos look professional, the viewer will more likely continue watching your video.

Useful Tools:

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Create your YouTube videos with Nova A.I. now!

The simple way to monetize your videos on your YouTube channel.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

It’s pretty simple.

1. Upload your video content. (From your computer or directly from YouTube)
2. Edit the parameters, cut & trim.
3. Merge multiple clips.
4. Set the correct YouTube aspect ratio.
5. Add music.
6. Add subtitles.
7. Export.

And you’re ready to share & promote.

In case your videos get shared on other mediums, you want to be recognizable across all of them. Having a recognizable product is crucial when monetizing. If you make quality content, you want everyone to know who made it.

YouTube is a very versatile platform. Your video length hugely depends on the format of your video channel. But the recommendation is somewhere between 7-15 minutes long.

There is also a new format of videos called “YouTube Shorts” designed to rival Instagram Reels and TikTok formats. Video length on these should be 60 sec. long.

Nova A.I. is a popular choice of editing software amongst new and upcoming YouTubers. Nova’s simple and intuitive design is a no-brainer when choosing software that will help you quickly create videos.

Nova A.I. is the tool to go when turning your fun ideas into viral YouTube videos. The online video editing software allows you to quickly make videos. A user-friendly interface lets you quickly adapt to the software and make videos right away.

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