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Translate your subtitles automatically using artificial intelligence with a stunning 97% accuracy. 

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Automatic subtitle translator

Nova A.I. is designed to translate your subtitles automatically. You can choose between hardcoding the translated subtitles on top of your video, so no one has the ability to switch it off. Alternatively, you can download your subs as SRT, VTT or TXT files and add them to your video distribution platform such as YouTube, Vimeo or Rumble.

Translating your subtitles in this technology age has never been more simple. You don’t need to hire expensive translating services. All you need to have is a laptop and Nova A.I. You can choose to generate subtitles automatically, type in manually or upload your own subtitle file to then translate the subtitles automatically.

AI translation process is better than regular translators because AI also understands the context, whereas regular translators translate word by word which often results in mistakes and various errors.

upload your content

Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

automatic subtitle maker

Subtitle your video

Pick the best way that suits your subtitling goals.

translate your video to any language

Select your language

Select the language you want to translate to from the dropdown menu.

translated video download

Export your files

Export your translated subtitles as video or download VTT, TXT or SRT files.

Watch how to 'translate your Subtitles automatically' tutorial

Learn how to use Nova A.I. and translate your subtitles the easy way. A quick 1-minute video tutorial, because that’s all it takes.

Why is it a good idea to translate your subtitles online?

Translating subtitles using professional software like Adobe Premiere is quite challenging. Especially if you don’t know your way around the software. It often is demanding and time-consuming. Luckily, translating your subtitles with Nova A.I. is just a few mouse clicks away. No need to learn complex software, just upload, select the language and voila!

Translate subtitles to increase reach.

Do you want to expand your social reach and go global? Maybe you’re targeting a specific country with your product, but you’re not sure if the majority of people speak English there? Maybe your service is to teach the English language and you want to advertise to a non-English speaking audience. You’re in luck because Nova A.I. can help you reach the exact audiences you are thinking about. With no additional effort. Translating your videos automatically is as simple as 2×2! 

get your videos heard worldwide
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Pick from multiple languages.

With Nova A.I. you can translate between 75 different languages. Simply just navigate to the “Translate” panel and select your language from the drop-down menu. The subtitle translation will take a few minutes depending on your video length. When exporting your videos do not forget to toggle the “Burn Subtitles” button in the “Export” section. Alternatively, you can also download TXT and SRT files if you don’t want to hardcode them to your video. Translating subtitles has never been more simple.

More than just a subtitle translator.

Nova A.I. is designed for much more than just translating video subtitles. Nova A.I. functions as a simple yet powerful video editing software. You can edit your videos online, directly from your Laptop or computer without downloading any clunky software. Nova A.I. also provides you with an innovative video archiving & clip retrieving technology that not even the biggest brands in the industry can offer you.

Supported Languages

Our automatic video translator is designed to translate your video into 100+ different languages and dialects.

Afrikaans, (South Africa)

Arabic, (Bahrain)

Arabic, (Jordan)

Arabic, (Morocco)

Arabic, (PSE)

Armenian, (Armenia)

Bengali, (Bangladesh)

Burmese, (Myanmar)

Chinese, Mandarin (TWN)

Dutch, (Belgium)

English, (Ghana)

English, (Kenya)

English, (Philippines)

English, (United Kingdom)

Finnish, (Finland)

French, (Switzerland)

German (Germany)

Hebrew, (Israel)

Indonesian, (Indonesia)

Japanese, (Japan)

Khmer, (Cambodia)

Latvian, (Latvia)

Malayalam, (India)

Norwegian Bokmål, (NOR) 

Portuguese, (Portugal)

Serbian, (Serbia)

Slovenian, (Slovenia)

Spanish, (Chile)

Spanish, (Ecuador)

Spanish, (Mexico)

Spanish, (Peru)

Spanish, (Uruguay)

Swahili, (Tanzania)

Tamil, (Malaysia)

Thai, (Thailand)

Urdu, (India)

Vietnamese, (Vietnam)

Albanian, (Albania)

Arabic, (Egypt)

Arabic, (Kuwait)

Arabic, (Oman)

Arabic, (Tunisa)

Azerbaijani, (Azerbaijan)

Bengali, (India)

Catalan, (Spain)

Croatian, (Croatia)

Dutch, (Netherlands)

English, (Hong Kong)

English, (New Zealand) 

English, (Singapore) 

English, (United States) 

French, (Belgium)

Galician, (Spain) 

German, (Switzerland)

Hindi, (India)

isiXhosa, (South Africa)

Javanese, (Indonesia)

Kinyarwanda, (Rwanda)

Lithuanian, (Lithuania)

Marathi, (India)

Persian, (Iran)

Punjabi, (Gurmukhi India)

Setswana, (South Africa)

Southern Sotho, (ZAF)

Spanish, (Colombia)

Spanish, (El Salvador)

Spanish, (Nicaragua)

Spanish, (Puerto Rico) 

Spanish, (Venezuela)

Swati, (South Africa) 

Tamil, (Singapore)

Tsonga, (South Africa)

Urdu, (Pakistan)

Zulu, (South Africa)

Amharic, (Ethiopia)

Arabic, (Iraq)

Arabic, (Lebanon)

Arabic, (Qatar)

Arabic, (UAE)

Basque, (Spain)

Bosnian, (BIH)

Chinese, Cantonese (HKG)

Czech (Czech Republic)

English, (Australia)

English, (India)

English, (Nigeria)

English, (South Africa)

Estonian, (Estonia)

French, (Canada)

Georgian, (Georgia)

Greek, (Greece) 

Hungarian, (Hungary)

Italian, (Italy)

Kannada, (India)

Korean, (South Korea)

Macedonian, (MKD)

Mongolian, (Mongolia)

Polish, (Poland)

Romanian, (Romania)

Sinhala, (Sri Lanka)

Spanish, (Argentina)

Spanish, (Costa Rica)

Spanish, (Guatemala)

Spanish, (Panama)

Spanish, (Spain)

Sundanese, (Indonesia) 

Swedish, (Sweden) 

Tamil, (Sri Lanka)

Turkish, (Turkey)

Uzbek, (Uzbekistan)

Arabic, (Algeria)

Arabic, (Israel)

Arabic, (Mauritania)

Arabic, (Saudi Arabia)

Arabic, (Yemen)

Basque, (Spain)

Bulgarian, (Bulgaria)

Chinese, Mandarin (CHN)

Danish, (Denmark)

English, (Canada)

English, (Ireland)

English, (Pakistan)

English, (Tanzania)

Filipino, (Philippines)

French, (France) 

German, (Austria)

Gujarati, (India)

Icelandic, (Iceland)

Italian, (Switzerland) 

Kazakh, (Kazakhstan)

Lao, (Laos)

Malay, (Malaysia)

Nepali, (Nepal)

Portuguese, (Brazil)

Russian, (Russia)

Slovak, (Slovakia) 

Spanish, (Bolivia)

Spanish, (DOM)

Spanish, (Honduras)

Spanish, (Paraguay)

Spanish, (United States)

Swahili, (Kenya)

Tamil, (India)

Telugu, (India)

Ukrainian, (Ukraine)

Venda, (South Africa)

Please note, that Nova can only subtitle into 37 different languages at the moment. So, if your video is in a language that Nova A.I. is unable to subtitle, you will need to upload a subtitle file manually or create (write) the subtitles yourself before you can translate.

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Translate subtitles automatically using Nova A.I.

An advanced subtitle translator tool for an affordable price!

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Follow these simple steps and Nova A.I. will generate subtitles for you automatically. Then you can translate them into any language you prefer.

1. Log in to the Nova A.I. account. You can use both – the “Search Engine” and the “Creative Studio”. (Please note that if you’re using the “Search Engine” the workflow is slightly different.)
2. Click the “Create Project” button. And upload your video.
3. Go to the “Subtitles” panel and select your language. Give a few moments until the platform transcodes the video. 
4. Click on the “Translate” button. You should be able to select any language from the drop-down menu. 
5. You can then edit the translated text and timestamps of the subtitle cards in the “Subtitle” panel.
6. Click the “Styles” button to edit subtitle font, size, colour, position and more.
7. When you’re done, click on the “Export” button. Toggle the “Burn Subtitles” button and export. 

Other types of exporting: 
You can download SRT or TXT files from the “Translate” section. Just click on the “Download” icon on the desired language and download either file type.

You can also use our advanced search engine to export your subtitles to any professional video editing software directly via the platform.

As simple as that.

The transcoding process time depends on your video length. The longer the video the longer it takes to transcode. Nova can transcribe 2 hours of video in about 10 minutes. Once Nova A.I. have translated your subtitles you don’t need to translate them again as long as your video remains on the platform.

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