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Cut, trim and resize your YouTube videos online. Simply just paste the YouTube URL into our platform and start your edits. 

YouTube video editor

Have you ever wondered what’s the best YouTube video editing tool? Did other tools found online seem confusing and difficult to learn? Well, look no further. Nova A.I. – allows you to edit YouTube videos without any effort at all.

Create professional-looking videos with Nova A.I. Easily cut, trim and merge your video clips. Automatically add subtitles to your video, headings, call to action and other types of texts. You can also control the speed of your video, add audio track, music, logos, thumbnails and other images, add transitions and more. 

Nova A.I. – create viral YouTube videos the easy way.

YouTube Cutter

Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio directly from YouTube.

online video editing app

Edit YouTube videos

Cut, trim, merge your YouTube clips and more. Add subtitles and translate to reach wider audiences.

export your videos


When your videos are ready. Export and share it with your audience.

Watch how to 'Upload videos from YouTube' tutorial

Learn how to upload videos to Nova A.I. directly from YouTube. A quick 1-minute video, because that’s all it takes.

Why using YouTube Cutter, online is a good idea?

Using sophisticated video editing software might be difficult for you, especially for such a simple task – cutting your videos. You often need to invest time, learn how to use complicated interfaces, and watch 100s of tutorial videos, but not anymore. From now on you can increase your creative output to meet YouTube’s ever-growing demand. Nova AI provides you with a user-friendly cutting tool that allows you to cut YouTube videos instantly. It is as simple as uploading your video, selecting the scissors tool, and clicking on the time stamp where the cut should appear. Voila! Your video is cut. You can then download your video or share it with your audience.

Best YouTube cutter, online.

Upload your videos directly from YouTube. Cut, edit, trim, and add subtitles or captions. Merge videos creatively using beautiful transitions, add icons and much more! Nova A.I. – a revolutionary video editing tool allowing you to harness the power of a true video editor. Create viral YouTube videos like a pro. Grow your channel and audience every day.

best youtube cutter online
Crop videos for social Media

Fit your video to any social media player.

Every social media channel and various different video players support different resolution settings for videos. We understand that it might be frustrating trying to find all the different settings online. This web app allows you to resize your videos with no effort at all. Pre-defined settings will tailor your video to fit any type of media player online.

Add text to your YouTube videos

Wondering how to increase your video engagement metrics? A quick and simple thing you can do right now adds text to your videos. It can be various headings, call-outs, subtitles or even a different language. Nova A.I. can subtitle your videos in more than 37 different languages and then translate them into over 75 more. Various marketing studies often claim that subtitles help with the viewer’s focus and attention and are a great tool to increase your engagement metrics.

increase your click through ratio

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Edit your YouTube videos with Nova A.I. now!

The quickest way to edit your YouTube videos online.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

It’s a tool that allows you to upload videos straight from youtube and cut or trim them.

  1. Copy the video URL.
  2. Go to Nova A.I. Video Editing Dashboard.
  3. Create a new project. (an upload video popup will appear)
  4. Paste your video link into the YouTube link field. 
  5. Start cutting & Trimming.

Nova A.I. also allows you to download YouTube videos as well as cut, trim and edit them. You can use various video editing tools to make your YouTube video much better.

In accordance to all the other video editing tools Nova A.I. has to offer, you can also Subtitle your YouTube videos. Write compelling Captions or download transcripts of your YouTube videos. No installation needed. 

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