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Increase the funk of your video. Add cool emojis and make your video stand out! 

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Stick Emoji on video

Do you want to create warm, relatable social media videos to engage your audience? Emojis are a great tool to do the job! Nova A.I. video editing tool allows you to quickly paste funky emojis into your video. 

The texting culture has created a whole other language. Youngsters are using emojis instead of words and jokes. That’s why creating fun videos with a fresh spin on your stories, that younger audiences can easily relate to is important.

With Nova A.I. making your videos stand out is easier than ever.

upload your content

Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

Select your emoji

Select your Emojis

Select and paste your emojis onto your video.

export your videos

Download & Share

Export your videos and share them with your audience.

Watch how to 'add Emojis to your video' tutorial

Learn how to use Nova A.I. and funk to your video the easy way. A quick 1-minute video, because that’s all it takes.

Why is it a good idea to add Emojis to your video?

Do you want to add some extra skin to your video and make them more engaging? You’re in luck because everybody loves emojis! With Nova A.I. you can quickly stick an emoji onto your video and catch your viewers’ attention in no time! We offer a really simple way to make your videos fun! Add some freshness to your video story to purposely reflect the younger audience. Emojis are an excellent personalisation tool that will help you create video stories that have never been seen before. 

Increase engagement across your SoMe channels.

Eye-catching videos with emojis are always a great way to grab your viewer’s attention. But this emoji generator wouldn’t be useful if you couldn’t resize your video to fit any social media player. With Nova you can easily add emojis to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or even YouTube videos! Nova employs a range of resolution pre-sets that allows you instantly adapt to any social media platform.

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edit emojis on your video

Customize the emojis.

Nova’s intuitive interface allows you to drag and drop your emojis anywhere you want on your video canvas. You can resize and rotate with just a simple mouse move. Add as many emojis as you want, but make sure it’s tasteful. Remember the golden rule – Less is more. You can add your emoji on one frame and make them disappear on the next. But we leave all the creative decisions to you because we know that freedom is the most important thing in creativity.

More than just a video emoji generator.

Nova A.I. is not just an average video emoji generator. Nova’s creative studio is designed to democratize video editing for everyone. You can cut, trim, crop, resize and more. Add text, subtitles, captions and more. Nova A.I. also employs various Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze your videos and quickly create searchable video libraries. Making any moment in your video archive accessible instantly.

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Add emojis to your video online with Nova A.I. now!

The fastest way to pump some funk onto your video, online.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Video emoji is one of the element classes to add to your video. If you want to make your videos more engaging and gen-z friendly use emojis, because we love them!

Nova A.I. employs a few of the most popular mainstream emojis that you’ll be able to find on Facebook Messenger and other platforms.

Nova A.I. makes it simple to add emojis to a video. Just a few simple clicks and your emojis will be stuck to your video. No need to learn complex software. 

1. Upload your video clips to Nova’s creative studio.
2. Edit your videos if needed.
3. Click on the elements panel. 
4. Select “View All”. 
5. Select from a range of popular emojis.
6. Stick them anywhere on the video.
7. Edit the length and place it anywhere on the timeline if you want the sticker to appear at a certain time.
8. When you’re done – click export the video. 

Just like that. Easy and simple.

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