Smart Video Utility

A two-sided AI-powered video content utility software streamlining your video management and editing.

Retrieve video data

Creative Studio

Nova A.I. creative studio is designed to make video editing simple for you. As video makers ourselves, we know first-hand how difficult it is to learn complex editing software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Therefore we have decided that to make fun videos you don’t really have to become a professional editor. You can just use simple tools and create professional-looking videos in just minutes with minimal effort. Completely online, no download or installation is ever needed.

Simple yet professional editing tools at a click of a button.

Video Analyzer

Nova A.I. video analyzer is designed to make video logging and management simple. As content owners and creators, we know the struggle when you need to make a quick edit but can’t find the right video within your content library. This often can take hours, sometimes even days, depending on how large is your collection. Therefore we have created a video analysis tool that allows you to scan your content, extract valuable data and retrieve desired videos or even scenes instantly.

Smart video management – larger creative output.

Powerful video cuts.

Nova A.I. is an end-to-end video editing solution supporting you in every step of the video editing process. From the initial steps of identifying the perfect scene, cutting, trimming or merging clips to auto subtitling, translation and other creative appliances. Manipulate the visual and audible content condiments to create professional and eye-catching videos to awe your audiences and gain a cult-like following easily. Improve quality, increase output.

edit your subtitle styles
Analyse your video content

The future of video editing.

The days when we had to log every video scene and clip is over. Save up to 94% of time and resources when trying to log your videos. Use automated systems and centralize your video libraries. Leverage undiscovered digital video data. Turn your video content into searchable digital assets and elevate your video editing workflow. Take full control of your video, analyse, label and categorise your video, audio and text by emotions, objects, people, camera shots, words, phrases, actions and much more. Work less – do more.

Simple Yet Powerful Online Video Utility Tools

Whether you’re a professional or a rookie, streamline your video editing workflows now!

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