Automatic clip maker powered by A.I. (beta)

High-quality automated video clip maker, no video editing experience is needed. Upload, select your timeframe, generate, and export. As simple as that.

make clips automatically

Automatic video maker.

Nova A.I. is designed to create video clips automatically. Forget the complex video editing software, spending hours cutting, slicing, and merging your videos. Simply upload your footage to the platform, open the A.I. panel, and generate a highlights video automatically. Making videos has never been more simple.

Our innovative automatic clip maker is designed so you can streamline the process of video editing. Powered by advanced AI analysis algorithms the platform can analyze and edit raw footage automatically, by extracting the most captivating moments and assembling them into a cohesive video. Empowering individuals and businesses to effortlessly produce high-quality videos for social media, marketing, presentations, internal training and other purposes.

upload your content

Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

best automatic video maker online

Generate a video

Select the timeframe and generate your video.

export your videos

Export & share

Export your highlights and share them with your audience.

The only clip maker app you will ever need.

All the video-making process is fully automated, so your input is minimal. After your videos are generated, you can then of course use our super simple, yet powerful editing tools to pimp that video into an explosive video that drives sales, action, engagement, growth and more. Creating video clips using Nova A.I. video clip maker app has never been more simple.

create music videos for bands
use nova to create birthday videos

Create video clips and save time and resources.

The best videos are the ones that leave an impression on your audience. Nova A.I. video maker can extract best scenes from your raw footage saving you time an effort. Create birthday highlights, funny blooper videos and even trailers for films. Whatever the purpose for your video Nova A.I. has got you covered. 

Not just a regular video clip maker.

Using Nova A.I. not only you can generate video clips automatically, but you can apply cool video filters. If you wish you can also cut, trim, merge, and split your videos. Build tension by adding transitions, add music, images and much more! With Nova A.I. you can create aesthetic videos for marketing, sales, business, social media or any other purpose without learning complex software. Nova A.I. – a modern way to create videos.

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Ready to create clips with Nova A.I. easy-to-use Automatic Clip Maker!?

Stop wasting hours trying to learn complex video editing software. Create clips automatically – save time.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Nova A.I. intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to navigate the platform. Just upload your video content, select the best moments and let Nova will do the rest. 

After Nova finishes creating your video, it will automatically place it in clips section in global search section. You can then download the video directly from there.

Your video will be made in an MP4 format at the moment. We are working on macing other formats available as well.

Unfortunately Nova is not a free-to-use platform. Video analysis is a very expensive process, but Nova offers a free test drive. No need to add a credit card. Although the analysis is very limited at that price point. If you want an in-depth analysis of your video, please support our platform.

Yes. With Nova, you can edit all your videos online. You can add subtitles, automatically generate videos and more. It’s the simplest online video editing tool and works right in your browser. No installation is needed.

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