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Capture your viewers’ attention by showcasing the greatest moments of your upcoming Film or TV Series using Nova A.I. 

Make trailer videos with nova ai
Disney is using Nova for video recognition
DPG media uses nova for image and audio recognition
NBCUniversal is using nova for video annotation
Nordic Entertainment is using nova for video logging
Nova is using Nova for celebrity recognition
NPO is using nova for video cloud storage
svt is using nova for automatic transcriptions

Online trailer video maker.

A great trailer must captivate viewers’ attention and create an urge to see a film or TV Show in a condensed time frame.

Create attractive trailer videos for your upcoming productions faster using Nova A.I. software. Nova A.I. is an online trailer video maker that makes all video content 100% searchable. Simply upload your content and find the best moments for your trailer instantly by simple typing what you need.

Cut, Trim and resize your videos with just a single click of a button. Add subtitles in over 40 languages. Make your video trailers available in any social media format. Export in high quality and share it with your audience.

Nova A.I. is an online tool so no download is needed. You can work directly from any browser including Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more.

Simply upload your files in any format, make your edits, merge your scenes and download high-quality trailers straight from your browser.

Nova A.I. is here to simplify your video search and editing process so you can amaze your audiences faster and more often.

How to make a trailer video?

Nova’s simple and intuitive design allows you to utilize its simple drag & drop workspace to channel your videos faster. 

upload your content to nova ai

Upload your files & Search

Drag & drop or simply create a new project to upload your video. Then deep search your content and find any scenes, people, actions, words instantly.

Edit your videos with Nova A.I.

Create your trailer video

Cut, Trim & Resize your videos. Merge multiple clips, add your thumbnails, music, add subtitles in over 40 different languages or translate.

Download your video projects with nova a.i

Download, share & promote

Export your video in high quality and any format you need. Simply just click the “Export” button and your video will be delivered to you in seconds.

Trailer Video maker

The elements of a successful Trailer video.

Organized storyline

Only the best scenes go. 

Use voice-over to narrate the storyline.

Music that sets the tone and tempo.

Highlight the talent.

Add subtitles.

access your media files instantly

Supports various media formats.

Nova A.I. supports all the major video and image formats such as MP4, AVI or MOV, JPEG, PNG and more…

Your video can be resized appropriately for various social & other media players. Aspect ratios such as 4:1, 4:4, 5:3, 16:9 and more are available as presets.

Best video editing tools

Create your trailer videos with Nova A.I. now!

The quickest way to capture your audience’s attention.



Intuitive user interface.



Pre-defined settings for you to save time.



Various subscription plans to fit anyones needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nova

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

A movie or TV series trailer is a marketing tool to convince the audience to see the end product. 

Basically back in the day trailers used to be shown at the end of the movie, but when producers realised that everyone used to leave without watching the trailers, they put the trailers to the front, so now sometimes they are called previews.

It depends the trailer format.

Most common formats:
Teaser Trailers – up to 60 sec.
Cinematic – 90 sec. to 180 sec.
TV Trailers – 15 sec. to 60 sec. long.

Yes Nova A.I. offers 2h free for every new user, so you can make 200 trailers if your trailer is 90 sec. long. (wink wink)

Nova A.I. offers a simple trailer making software packed with  various editing tools for affordable prices. Because we want your video making journey to be simple and profitable.

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