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Say hello to the most user-friendly online video merger – Nova A.I. Join your clips with just a few clicks of a button.

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Video Merger

Do you have multiple video clips that you want to join into a single video project? Learning complex editing software takes too much time? Worry not, with Nova A.I. simple drag-and-drop interface you can easily merge your video clips into a professional-looking video.

Our online video merger software is super easy to use; just upload your unrefined video clips into Nova A.I. platform. Split, cut or trim directly on the timeline, merge, and create logic sequences that tell a story in just a few clicks! You can start free and update when your output increases.

Nova A.I. is the best video joiner online.

upload your video footage

Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

Merge your videos

Join your refined clips into a storyline.

export your videos

Download & Share

Export and share your video stories with your audience.

Watch how to 'use Nova A.I.' tutorial

Learn how to use Nova A.I. and merge your videos the easy way. A quick software tutorial, because that’s all it takes.

Why merging your videos online with Nova A.I. is a good idea?

Merging multiple clips using complex video editing software can be a challenging task.  Especially if you don’t know how to use it. Most professional video editing platforms like Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro will require a lot of effort and time until you even learn how to do most simple editing tasks. With Nova A.I. there is no such problem. An intuitive interface will allow you to quickly grasp all the functions of the software and you’ll be merging clips in no time.

Merge any type of video.

Nova A.I. creative studio is designed to support all major video files such as (MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc.). A powerful video merger tool is available for you on any browser using any type of device. You don’t need to clog your computer with expensive and heavy video editing software. You don’t need to have any previous experience working with video editors. Nova A.I. – simple as peeling a banana.

supported video files
add transitions to your video

Merge videos creativelly

Forget twitchy video changeovers. Nova A.I. has a pallet of simple yet powerful professional-looking transition presets that will allow you to create smooth video transitions that don’t make your audience jumpy while watching your videos. Create suspense, generate excitement, breathe fear or simply build intrigue. A simple way for your audience to connect with your video.

More than just an online video joiner tool.

With Nova A.I. you can merge your videos quickly. Whether you’re a video editing pro or a complete beginner, merging your videos online with Nova A.I. has never been more simple! Using the platform you can also add subtitles, translate videos, add emojis and other elements to your video and much more. Simple to use, end-to-end video editing & archiving software designed for busy creatives.

edit your subtitle styles

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Start using merging your videos online with Nova A.I. now!

Professional or a rookie, Nova A.I. is so simple that everyone can merge videos with a click of a button.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Follow these simple steps and use Nova A.I. video merger efficiently.

1. Log in to your Nova A.I. account. Make sure that you’re on the video editing dashboard.
2. Click the “Create Project” button. And upload your videos. (You can upload your videos directly from your computer or alternatively upload videos using YouTube or TikTok URLs.)
3. Find the video timeline below the video player. 
4. Cut, trim, and drag the clips close to each other. Add beautiful transitions in the gap between your clips to make smooth transitions.
5. Click export.

As easy as that.

It is an online tool that allows you to glue your video clips together. If you have two videos and want to have them as a single video, you need to use software that can help you put them together. Nova A.I. for example.

Yes! You can upload your audio file, but you need to upload your video file first. Nova A.I. will allow you to merge an audio file with a video easily.

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