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Create memorable Birthday videos with Nova A.I. in minutes.

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Online Birthday video maker.

Would you like to wish your friend a happy birthday? Or maybe you want to immortalize those party animals that are your friends? Or maybe you’d simply like to create a video of all your past birthdays? Well, guess what? You’re in luck. All you need is to upload your video and image files to the Nova A.I. video editing platform.

Thanks to your crazy friends and family you will now have incredible memories that last forever. The only hassle for you is assembling all that unrefined content together into a beautiful Academy Award-Worthy video clips.

Luckily, Nova A.I. is the perfect solution that literally eradicates any complex challenges when it comes to editing your videos.

Yes, you heard us right. You don’t need to learn or download complex video editing software. Creating birthday videos has never been that simple. Well, truth be told, when you got the right tools and right material, the video just makes itself.

You will work directly from your favourite browser – whether that’d be Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other weird thing you’re using. 

Nova A.I. offers you Hakuna Matata! – A hassle-free editing philosophy designed to save you time and get those wild memories ready to share with your friends and family or even on your social media channels.

upload your content

Upload your videos

Upload your videos to Nova A.I. Creative Studio.

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Create your birthday videos

Chose from a wide range of video editing tools and turn your paparazzi content into savage birthday videos.

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Export and share

When you're done with your video. Export and surprise those involved.

Stay creative with your Birthday videos.

Birthdays are very similar to Las Vegas in some sense. What happens during birthdays usually stays between the participants of the party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have cool birthday videos to share amongst those who enjoy celebrating life. Don’t forget to stay creative, drop subtitles where you can’t hear someone. Add some fun images, or sound effects to highlight a funny event that took place during the party. Your imagination is the key here. Nova A.I. will simply allow you to transcend your spectacular ideas into digital form.

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best wishes video maker

Create 'Best Wishes' videos for birthdays.

Are you planning to create a ‘best wishes’ video for that special someone? Have you and your associates secretly been filming video content, and now you need to merge all the footage together into a single video? Use Nova A.I. tools and create fantastic videos that will leave the birthday person speechless. Cut, trim, merge your clips, add text, and emojis, change the mood with filters and much more. Because saying happy birthday has never been more simple.

Sharing your birthday videos on social media channels made simple.

Share your fun birthday celebrations with your friends and family online. Nova A.I. employs various different pre-defined settings that allow you to change your video aspect ratio with just a single click of a button. Different Social Media channels have different video requirements to follow, therefore Nova A.I. comes in very handy. Its super simple interface allows you to quickly adapt to required preferences, so your video is up to standard for every social media channel.

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Useful tools:

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Create your Birthday videos with Nova A.I. now!

The best way to immortalize the celebration of life.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

It’s pretty simple.

1. Upload your video & image files.
2. Edit the parameters, cut & trim.
3. Merge multiple clips.
4. Add subtitles.
5. Set the correct aspect ratio for any social media platform or media player.
6. Add music or sound effects.
7. Export.

And you’re ready to share it.

Making videos is a very good way to preserve the best times of your life. Imagine yourself after 10-15 years sitting with your friends and enjoying the memories together. Everyone might remember it differently, but only video could prove what really went down that special night. 

Unfortunately at the moment you first have to upload your birthday videos and images to your computer and then through your favourite browser you can upload the files to Nova A.I.

Nova A.I. user-friendly interface allows you to make birthday videos in no time. There is no point in overcomplicating things.

Nova A.I. is equipped with a wide variety of simple editing tools that are simple to use and easy to learn. All you need to create a fun holiday video can be found in Nova A.I. creative studio.

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