How To Translate Youtube Videos To other Language?

Written by Linnea Langfjord
Head of Marketing & Communications

Subtitles are a powerful feature YouTube has to offer. They allow you to watch the videos without sound or, even watch them in a different language. Sometimes, if you’re lucky YouTube creators provide subtitles in many different languages so you can pick the one you understand the best. By translating YouTube videos a creator can reach wider audiences, increase engagement and make sure that the video is inclusive and the message is delivered to the highest level of understanding.

translate youtube video in a single click

The problem is that YouTube can only subtitle the video in the original language. So if you want to get all these benefits listed above you either have to learn a new language or hire an expensive professional to translate the video for you. Who’s got time or money for that?! Luckily, we have designed a platform that does it for you. It’s just mad simple… As simple as copying and pasting your YouTube URL into the platform.

best video subtitling editor

Upload your Video

Upload your video directly from your computer or from YouTube.

best youtube translator online

Analyze your Video

Let Nova A.I. analyze your video. The estimated time depends on the length of your video.

export translated youtube video

Export Your Subtitles

Export your subtitled video. Or export a text file for further use.

Translating YouTube video - workflow:

Copy and paste your YouTube link

1. Upload your Video to Nova A.I. platform.

Log In to your Nova A.I. dashboard and create a new project. Copy and Paste your video link to the YouTube URL submission field.

Translate video section

2. Select the "Translate" section.

Select the “Subtitles” panel and hop into the “Translate” section.

translate your video to italian

3. Select the desired language.

Select from a variety of over 40 different languages and dialects.

best subtitle translator

4. Click "Generate Subtitles".

To complete the translation click on the “Generate Subtitles” button.

Wait for your video to be translated

5. Give it a minute.

Unfortunately, nothing happens in a snap of the fingers so just give it a minute or two while your video is being translated.

6. Add more Translations

When Nova A.I. finishes translating your video, you can then add more languages if you want. You can make them visible or hidden on your video by selecting the eye icon next to the language.

7. Download the translated subtitles as text files.

When you have all the translations that you’ve wanted, you can then click on “Download all” and export your translated files as .srt and .txt files. You can then use them to upload to your YouTube videos.

best subtitle editor
style your translated subtitles

8. Edit the translated subtitles to your liking.

After all of your translations have been finished you can edit the text in the “Subtitles” section or add some funk to your text by selecting the “Styles” section. You can edit the length of the subtitle, font size, spacing, create outlines, pick a nice font and save the styles for later.

Download hardcoded subtitles to a video

9. Download your translated subtitles with video.

Alternatively to downloading text subtitles, Nova A.I. will hardcode the translated subtitles that you want for your video. You can download your video with embedded subtitles by clicking on the export button on the top right corner of the platform.

Re-upload your translated subtitles to YouTube to maximise your channel growth.

And here we are. It wasn’t that complicated now, was it? As you can see you didn’t need to hire an expensive translator or learn a new language. Our state-of-the-art A.I. technology did it for you.

It’s time to hop back to YouTube and upload your translated subtitle text files to your video. Once You’ve done that, your audience will be able to watch your videos in various different languages and understand and engage with your content better. Alternatively, you can upload a subtitled video as well, but note that your video will only be able to display the language that has been hardcoded.

Translating your video has never been more easy

As you can see you have many options available and it’s pretty simple and easy. We here, at Nova A.I. wish you the best of luck with your creative goals and if you have any questions please do not hesitate, let’s connect!

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