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Say hello to the most user-friendly online video speed controller. Speed up or slow down your video, completely online. No installation is needed.

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Control the speed of your video

Tired of videos that are either too slow or too fast? Want to emphasize a crucial moment in slow motion without sacrificing quality? Or fast-forward through the dull parts without raising eyebrows? Look no further! Our video speed controller is your solution. Take control of your video’s tempo effortlessly, highlighting what matters most.
Want to make time-lapse videos with ease? Or maybe you’re wondering how to speed up your video? Our online video speed controller enables you to master video speed effortlessly. Just select your video, and Nova A.I.’s speed settings pop up. Speed up or slow down your video with precision, from 0.5x to 2x . It’s the simplest way to control your video’s pace. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to speed control simplicity!

How to change the speed of your video online?

Changing your video speed with Nova A.I. is a breeze. A user friendly interface allows you to create engaging videos in just a few clicks!
  • Upload your videos

    To change the speed of your videos, first add them to the Nova A.I. creative studio dashboard. You can either do so by uploading from your computer, importing from cloud storage services or directly from YouTube or TikTok by copy/pasting the URL.

  • Change the Speed

    By clicking your video in the player window, the speed settings pop up. Here you can adjust them from 0.5 x slower to 2 x faster.

  • Export & publish

    When ready to publish and share with your audience, download your video and publish wherever!

Alternate intensity levels with a video speed controller

Our video speed controller allows you to alternate intensity levels of your video, seamlessly transitioning between high-energy sequences to moments of contemplation. Edit the dynamics of your video with our AI-powered video editing tool. Create time-lapse videos or speed up your content with ease. Using our intelligent editing platform, controlling your video’s pace has never been simpler. Compatible across devices, no extra software or extensions are needed.
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Online Video Speed Controller

Create time-based video effects

Nova A.I. creative studio is designed to help you create slow-motion or a timelapse effect. Slow-mo videos are great for adding a dramatic effect, or they could be useful if you’re making a how-to video or a tutorial. This way, you could emphasize certain parts of your video to manipulate time and allow your viewers to understand your point better. On the other hand, a timelapse is excellent for creating rolls that usually take too long at high speed.

Highlight cool stunts by slowing down video

Are you all about those epic stunts? Whether you’re skateboarding like a pro or shredding the slopes on your snowboard, making your video slow motion is your new best friend. Slow down your videos to showcase every jaw-dropping moment. With our slow motion video feature, you’ll turn heads and keep viewers glued to the action. Emphasise the details, create the wow factor, and leave your audience in awe.
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Timelapse videos for social media

Elevate your social media game with stunning time-lapse videos! Speed up video footage and craft eye-catching time-lapse content. A piece of video content that plays faster than its actual speed. It allows you to speed up the subject of your video. You can show an hour of real-time footage in just a minutes or seconds. These videos are perfect for showing dynamic changes and creating Reels, YouTube shorts, Instagram stories, and Facebook or LinkedIn stories.

Why is it a good idea to add your subtitles to video using Nova A.I.?

NOVA A.I.’s user-friendly interface and simple yet powerful features make it both fun and simple to make viral video promos focused directly towards your target audience. Our powerful yet simple software is designed specifically to make video editing accessible for everyone.


Whether you want to speed up or slow down your whole clip, or just tweak specific parts, Nova A.I. lets you control every frame to make it uniquely yours.


Nova A.I. creative studio is designed to support all mainstream video files such as (MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc.). A powerful video speed controller tool is available for you on any browser.


Nova A.I. comes with a bundle of various video tools, including an audio editing toolbox. You can add music to your photo video with just a single click of a button.


Make your photo videos more exciting by adding transitions between the images. Make a picture fade away, pop out from another picture, or slide in from the side or from above. Adding transitions to photo videos are now a quick task.


Using Nova A.I. is easy. You don’t need any experience in order to do it. Our user-friendly platform offers four preset playback speeds – 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. No experience required! Need assistance? Our live chat support is here for you every step of the way.

Let’s subtitle your videos together!

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Start using merging your videos online with Nova A.I. now!

Professional or a rookie, Nova A.I. is so simple that everyone can merge videos with a click of a button.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

It is an video editing tool that is designed to allow you to simply speed up or slow down your videos. Using Nova A.I. presets makes it easier than ever. Its normal speed is called 1 x (100%). 1.5 x is 150% faster, 2 x is 200% faster, and 0.5% is 50% slower.

Follow these simple steps and use Nova A.I. speed controller efficiently.

1. Log in to your Nova A.I. account. Make sure that you’re on the video editing dashboard.
2. Click the “Create Project” button. And upload your videos. (You can upload your videos directly from your computer or alternatively upload videos using YouTube or TikTok URLs.)
3. Click on the “Settings” panel.
4. Select your speed control parameters.
5. Click export.

As easy as that.

Nova A.I.’s easy online tool speeds up and slows down videos in a matter of seconds. With minimal editing experience, you can make compelling slomo, timelapse, and hyperspeed videos, then share the final project on social media or YouTube. Get started by uploading a video or paste a URL.

It is an online tool that is designed to allow you to simply speed up or slow down your videos. Using Nova A.I. presets doing so has never been easier.

It is an online tool that is designed to allow you to simply speed up or slow down your videos. Using Nova A.I. presets doing so has never been easier.

Yes the audio of your video will speed up or slow down accordingly. If you slow down your video, the sound will slow down and drop in pitch. If you speed up your video the audio of the video will speed up as well. The pitch of the audio will increase.

Unfortunately, Nova A.I. does not yet employ such capabilities. Although the developer team is working very hard to make this available for you. Coming soon, wait for further platform updates.

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