AI-Powered Auto Video Cutter

An AI-Powered auto video cutter, designed to break down your video into clips by selected categories.

auto video cutter

Video clip maker

Are you tired of manually cutting and slicing up your footage? Doing so in Premiere Pro, Avid or Da Vinci Resolve takes ages, doesn’t it? Well, you’re in luck because you’ve discovered the world’s first high-tech automated video cutting tool, designed to save you time in cutting your videos.

Nova A.I. employs various machine learning and computer vision algorithms to break down your video clips into categories and labels, so you can access any clip instantly. The platform will categorize the clips by camera shots, faces, objects, activities, celebrities, explicit content, and more. All you need to do is upload your footage and give it a few minutes for AI to do its job.

upload your content

Upload your videos

Upload your video file to Nova's search engine dashboard.

video analyzer

Analyze your video​

Allow Nova to analyze your video. The software will categorize and label everything that appears in your video.

Search inside videos

Select Your Parameters

Select the category you need and find your labels. Set the clip length parameters and it's ready to go.

export your videos


Export selected clips to your favourite Video Editing Software for further edits.

Nova A.I. automatic video cutter studio available only on request

If you want to start collecting intelligent video data do not hesitate please contact us for now.

Watch how to 'cut video automatically' with Nova A.I. tutorial?

Learn how to use Nova A.I. and cut your videos automatically. A quick 3-minute video guide, because that’s all it takes.

Why using automatic video cutter is a good idea?

Cutting videos with complex video editing software can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with large numbers of videos. It can be boring and always time-consuming. Nova AI provides you a user-friendly technology to cut your video instantly. All you have to do is select the bits you need and start editing!

Save Resources

Manually reviewing and cutting large volumes of video is costly, inefficient, and labor-intensive. AI helps you to significantly reduce the cost of time, money and labour required to perform this task. Automatic video analysis and breakdown will deliver a high return on your investment. Furthermore, it allows scaling your projects quickly by increasing the quality and output of your video handling teams.

explicit content remover
Retrieve video data

Streamline your creative workflow.

With Nova A.I. you can do much more than just cut your videos automatically. After your videos are analyzed you don’t need to analyse them again. You can then quickly navigate your video, and search for specific scenes. You can do that with your entire video library, so finding and cutting out the right scenes will be a pickle.

If you don’t know how to use professional video editing software, you can also edit your videos using our creative studio, a simple yet powerful video editing tool for busy creatives.

Categorize your video clips for easy access

Camera Shots

Your videos will be broken down by different camera shots. Whenever the camera angle or shot changes your new clip starts.

Facial Attributes

Nova A.I. will create clips based on facial expressions and accessories. Happy, sad, beard, mustache, glasses, and more.


Clips will be created where celebrities appear in your video. Nova follows a huge database of celebrities, so that will be an easy task.


Automatically cut videos where a custom person appears. Teach Nova to recognize non-famous person, for example, you or your friend.

Transcripts (Subtitles)

Create clips based on the speech in your video. Find any scene where a wanted phrase appears and clip it!

Objects & Activities

Create clips based on what object or activity appears in your video. For example, cut-out clips where someone plays tennis or a scene where a car appears.

Moderated Content

Get rid of explicit content from your video. Moderate your footage with labels such as nudity, alcohol, gambling, and cigarettes, and avoid inappropriate scenes.

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Cut your videos with A.I.!

Streamline your video editing workflow. Start cutting your footage with the fastest A.I. video cutter online.

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Nova is designed using various artificial intelligence technologies, that will inspect and dissect your video to detail. During the analysis process, the software labels all the events, objects and people that are happening on your video and saves them as intelligent metadata that can be retrieved instantly when using a computer vision search engine. Then you just need to select the timestamps of the clips you need and export them to your video editing dashboard. 

Unfortunately in the search engine dashboard at the moment, you can’t. But Nova A.I. has a transcription service that will recognise voice patterns in your video. If you want to cut your audio files you need to use our video editing dashboard.

Yes, there is an option to export your clips as video files in the search engine, although it’s not an optimal option at the moment and we recommend using the search engine with external video editing software. Refer to automatic clip maker for more information.

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