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Moderate explicit content out of your video automatically. Remove unwanted scenes instantly.

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Automatic video moderator app

Finding the scenes and moderating your content has never been more simple. Nova A.I. video moderator is an advanced technology designed to utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and find everything that might not be suitable for your audience within your video. Using Nova A.I. for example, you can find smoking, cigarettes, alcohol, violence, blood, nudity, and other potentially harmful pieces of content.

Nova’s systems employ various machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing techniques to identify and flag potentially inappropriate material. AI video moderator can help you to maintain a safer and cleaner online presence on all platforms by filtering out inappropriate content from your produce. No video editing experience is needed, no learning complex software, and definitely fewer hours spent on screen.

Nova A.I. – because working with video has never been more simple.

Nova A.I. video content moderator app is available only on request

If you want to start collecting intelligent video data do not hesitate please contact us for now.

upload your content

Upload your videos

Upload your video files to Nova's Search Engine.

video analyzer

Analyze your content

Let the platform inspect your files. Nova will label everything inside your content.

Search inside videos

Search for explicits

Search for explicit moments within your content.

export your videos


Export directly to your favourite video editing software.

Watch how to use 'Video Content Moderator' tutorial

Learn how to use Nova A.I. and moderate your video the easy way. A quick 10 minute video, because that’s all it takes.

Explicit content remover

Nova’s automated intelligent video moderation can detect, label, categorize, and remove unwanted content from your video within minutes. Fast and accurate object & action recognition allows you to find and remove all the categories such as nudity, gambling, drugs, weapons, smoking, alcohol, violence, sexual situations, blood, explosions and more. An accurate audio transcoding model allows you to quickly find unwanted language and remove it. 

best explicit content remover
explicit content remover

Moderate the entire video library.

Plug your existing video cloud or upload your videos to the Nova A.I. Search Engine dashboard. Allow the platform to analyze your videos. Nova will then label and categorise everything in your entire video library. Every single video you own and have uploaded to the platform will be moderated automatically. You can then easily export filtered videos to your favourite Video editing software for your edits!

Not just a regular video moderator

Even though Nova A.I. is perfect for searching, locating, and moderating content, Nova A.I. can offer so much more. With Nova A.I. you can edit your videos online, directly from your laptop or computer without downloading any clunky software. You can cut, trim and merge your clips. Add various effects, transitions, and elements. Add music, photos, text transitions, and more. All of this is done online, no installation is needed.

Retrieve video data

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Moderate your video online with Nova A.I. now!

The fastest way to moderate unwanted scenes from your videos online!

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frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

Video moderation is when you remove explicit scenes or moments that you do not want to appear in your video.

Currently, we support all the mainstream video file formats including the .mp4, .mov, .avi, .vmv and more…

The analysis time is based on video length. Typically 2 hours of video analysis take up to 10 minutes. Then everything is up to the user to how fast the user is able to download the video.

The software is pretty accurate, visual labels are over 94% correct, audio transcriptions are over 97% accurate. 

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